Dr Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant clinic Lahore

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant Clinic Lahore


Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant Clinic in Lahore Pakistan offers all types of hair loss treatments and provides free consultation. Patients want to get their treatment from the most experienced surgeon. In Pakistan, they can get the surgical treatment from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. He is the top surgeon of the country who has years of experience in his field. Lahore is the second biggest city of Pakistan. It is also among the most developed cities of the country. Patients can find all the latest treatments for this city. He is the Pioneer of hair transplant in Pakistan. There are many surgeons in the city, but Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the most experienced and skilled doctor. It is the most permanent hair loss solution. It is the only hair loss cure available these days. Every patient wants to have this surgical treatment from the best surgeon in his area. The reason is that results of the treatment are totally dependent upon the skills of the surgeon who is performing the surgical procedure. If you are suffering from baldness and looking for the best surgeon in the city, you should visit Dr. Chaudhry. He has 16 years of experience in performing surgical treatment. This means that he can deal with different hair transplant surgery side effects that are involved during the procedure at his Lahore clinic. He is the most experienced surgeon in the city. He also has an impressive educational background. He has completed his MBBS from K.E. He got his specialization in the field of laser and hair restoration surgery from France. He is a Board certified hair surgeon of France. He is also working as Visiting Associate Professor in Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France. He is operating his own hair loss clinic in this city. He is a blessing for those patients who want to get permanent treatment of their balding scalp.

When you search for the most experienced and top hair  surgeon of Pakistan, you will find that each of them claims to be the best in the country. They claim to provide high quality hair surgery to the patients. These claims are not more than a trap and the patients end up wasting their money. You need to check their results before getting the treatment. You can find that all previous patients of Dr. Ch are satisfied from his work. On his official website, you can also check the photos and videos of the patients who have got the treatment from his clinic. He also helps the patients in recovering from after surgical side-effects. He performs an accurate and precise surgery on his patients.

Dr Ahmad Chaudhry Fue hair transplant procedure Lahore

He can provide the patients the same quality treatment as they can get in any renowned hair restoration clinic in the world. He operates the patients in his clinic that is updated with all latest technologies and instruments. He follows all those standards that are set by international hair loss associations. He has also experience of performing these surgeries on TV stars, film actors, politicians, business men, army officers and other notable high profile personalities. He performs the surgeries on both men and women. He customized the procedure according to the needs and demands of the patients. His patients praised his work on different hair loss forums. He charges a reasonable amount of fees from his patients. Despite the high experience, he charges economically from the patients coming to his clinic for their treatment.  His good reputation, skills and expertise draw a lot of patients from different parts of Pakistan. They want to get the treatment from the best hair restoration surgeon of the country. He can accurately perform follicular unit transplant on his patients. As these days follicular unit extraction is a popular and unique procedure, he also has expertise in this surgical treatment. He can extract up to twenty five hundred FUE grafts in a single session. Patients can contact Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant clinic in Lahore through his official website. They can also get an appointment through phone +92-333-430-99 99

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best surgeon in Pakistan and people come to visit him not only from different parts of Pakistan rather all over the world.  To get a procedure at Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplant clinic in Lahore is very popular among patients.