Protein Injections for Hair Loss


Hair Loss Control Protein injection clinic Lahore

Hair loss is an issue faced by many people now a days, there are various reasons for hair fall. These reasons can be genetic, lack of sleep, stress in our lives, lack of proper diet, absence of nutrients etc. Normally, eggs, yogurt or conditioners are used to nourish hair. These methods make your hair soft and fine but nothing is absorbed in the scalp or roots of hair. After washing these external methods, we only get 20% of the nourishment and 80% is lost and that’s why to provide proper protein nourishment to the scalp, protein treatment are used which are very useful in hair loss. Good supplements like Biotin and Protein can help to improve quality of hair. If you have brittle dry hair, it simply shows the lack of protein.

PRP hair loss treatment in Lahore

For this purpose, PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) is used which is prepared from patient blood. Blood is taken out from the arm of the patient and plasma is taken out of this blood. This PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) is then inserted into the scalp of the patient. This protein injection treatment is repeated after every thirty days for at least six months. This protein is absorbed by the hair follicles present in the scalp which give nourishment to the hair follicles. It makes them lively and prevents them from dryness. It reduces split ends of the hair and gives them a thicker look. It further activates the roots of the hair. Protein present in the hair follicles increases blood circulation surrounding follicles present on the scalp. PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) causes hair multiplication by stimulating stem cells of follicles. Advantages of protein treatments are:

  • It is a non-surgical method.
  • It is a simple solution for hair loss problems.

Multiple injections of protein are inserted in very less time (approximately two hours) in the scalp. The results of this treatment are safe and reliable. The recovery period is very fast as compared with hair transplantation method. It gives a natural and beautiful look to the patients. However, the complications of this treatment are very less. The most common side effect can be infection occurring at the point of injecting. The cost of this treatment can be expensive, as the equipment needed for the preparation of blood is expensive. There is no chance of blood reaction occurring, as patients’ own blood is used.

Several doctors are using this latest technique for hair loss solution;  PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth factor) is one form of protein which plays an important part in growth of blood vessels. This treatment has proved to be good in many other areas of medical sciences, as well as hair fall solutions. It is a best option for those people who are suffering this problem and do not want to undergo any type of surgery or to use any surgical method for their hair loss issues because its looks simple and effective also to solve their problems. Popular treatments Laser hair loss therapy, FUE hair transplant, Hair restoration, Hair fall remedies, Male pattern baldness treatment, hair revitalization.