Best solution for severe hair fall

When you get up in the morning and see broken hair on a pillow or you are shedding more than 100 hairs during comb you are suffering from hair loss. This can lead to extensive consequences and you must go for the best solution for severe hair fall to prevent the prevailing problem. Hair fall is natural if you are losing less than 100 hairs per day and this is natural balance but when you exceed the limit it turns this balance into imbalance. Continuous hair loss causes thinning of hairlines or baldness in males. A question arises here why your hair is lost and how to overcome the issue? And what are possible solutions to this difficulty? Let’s try to figure it out!

Best solution for severe hair fall

Best solution for severe hair fall in Lahore Pakistan

Hair fall can be triggered by multiple causes and it is different for both males and females. Some of the common reasons are dietary deficiency, genetic bases, low-quality products, and poor living styles. These factors affect both sexes equally. On the other hand, some causes are specifically confined to one gender only. Pattern baldness for example affects men and is purely genetic. This complication leads to a bald head in males after a certain age no matter what is your living style while females usually suffer due to malnutrition and weight loss. The major contributing factor is stress which weakens your follicles and causes the hair to shed at an exponential rate. Hormonal disturbance is also a major complication in females during puberty and after childbirth. While searching for the best solution for severe hair fall a person can overcome these troubles by adopting some general and useful rules. 
 Make your living style better
 Take a healthy diet
 Increase protein intake
 Take multivitamins 
 Use good quality shampoo
 Routinely oil your hair
 Massage your scalp
 Reduce stress
 Do not pull hair
 Avoid brushing wet hair
But what if you are adopting all the precautionary measures but all in vain and still looking for the best solution for severe hair fall? Well, now it is time to consult a doctor to get out of this worst situation. Ignoring excess hair loss leads to permanent baldness in males and low density in females which is too frustrating and not a good experience at all.

Medication is a Highly Effective way to treat hair loss

Hair increases the charm of a person and aids in personality. Females can make a variety of hair styles on different occasions and it is only possible when you have healthy hair. Consulting your trusted physician is a good decision in this trauma. Your doctor will ask you different questions about your diet, lifestyle, and mental condition. Then you will be provided with treatment accordingly. If your shedding is due to external factors like poor dieting etc. you will be led to take medication. There is a wide range of medicines available in the market to stop hair fall while promoting the health of your head. DHT blocker is an effective and good outcomes-yielding medicine that puts you out of the stress of shedding. It is mostly used to treat baldness and is preferred in males. You have to take one pill a day. The working mechanism is slow but fruitful in many ways. The other potent and  compatible drug is Minoxidil which is equally beneficial for both genders. It helps in stopping hair loss while promoting hair growth naturally. It serves as the best solution for severe hair fall without any side effects.

Most advanced techniques of hair transplant as an effective treatment

In severe cases of hair fall the best option to regain your lost hair is hair restoration surgery. Hair regrowth techniques are being developed day by day with the increase in technology. Now it is easier and safer to get back your lost hair. No matter what is the root cause of your problem, just visit your dermatologist and have a conversation with him. You will be guided thoroughly and then go for surgery if required. To get the best solution for severe hair fall Follicular unit extraction FUE or Follicular unit transplant FUT are being used. These methods are highly safe and easy to carry out. Your surgeon searches for the donor area on your body then removes it from donor area and places it on the targeted area. The results of the operation depend upon the skill and experience of the doctor and the facilities available in the clinic.


Among multiple options of solution for severe hair fall which one is best and useful varies from person to person. Taking care of your diet and bringing improvement in living conditions is very fruitful. But ignoring hair fall can have serious consequences. Without wasting any time go for a viable treatment by discussing with your surgeon. Going through hair restoration treatment you can get back your young look, shiny hair, and impressive personality within a cost-effective range.

“Whether you are a male or female and searching for the best solution for severe hair fall in Lahore Pakistan then you are at the proper place as our foreign qualified specialist will diagnose the reason and suggest treatment accordingly. If any of your friends or family members are also looking for the best solution for hair fall in Lahore Pakistan then you can share the above mentioned information”

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