Hybrid hair transplant

Hybrid hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is offered in selected cases as people often refuse to get strip procedure which is a part of hybrid technique. It is a process for the treatment of baldness. It is a new found promising technique, an advanced solution to deal with the problems of alopecia. It is a combination of two procedures: Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). In FUT, also known as strip harvesting , a strip of skin is taken from either the back or the sides of the scalp and the follicles collected in a single session are then transplanted to the bald area of the head . FUE, comparatively a new procedure uses individual follicles from the scalp, rather than cutting a whole strip of skin, people can then   get thousands of grafts in one day. Since in FUT whole skin is excised like skin, sebaceous glands, bulb and shaft, the growth thus obtained resembles the natural one more than in FUE. Using these techniques together, up to 6000 follicles can be transplanted in one single day .The purpose of combining FUT and FUE is maximization of donor area grafts. Hybrid hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan is 125,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee. 

Hybrid hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

 A combination of two effective techniques, it is a minimally invasive and maximally effective process that promises voluminous hair in one session only. First the FUT method is performed and then more grafts extraction can be done by FUE technique. If any candidate requires more grafts, additional hair can be taken from chest or beard, either on the same day or the day afterwards.

     The common reasons as to why this technique is required are:

   – Receding hairlines

   – Total baldness

   – Models related to fashion industry

The indication for this technique includes:

  – Interested in most grafts possible

  – Enough hair loss to put 5000-6000 grafts

  – wear their hair at least half an inch long

  – Tolerance for visible stitches

  – All other transplant options tried and failed

  – Realistic expectations

  – No known health conditions that might hinder the surgery or the recovery process

 Benefits of getting this procedure include:

  – All affected areas can be targeted in one session

  – 4000-6000 follicles can be extracted and transplanted in one day

  – Safe procedure

  – Natural looking end result

  – Minimal scarring and stitches

  – Less recovery period

  – Results stay the same for many years provided adequate care is given

For hybrid hair transplantation, follicles are mostly taken from the scalp but if the person has visible thinning or enough grafts cannot be harvested from the scalp, these can be taken from the beard or chest also. This procedure involves first one by one extraction of the root by FUE method. Only those follicles are extracted that look good enough to the surgeon to survive extraction and then transplantation, then these extracted hairs are prepared for placing, small incisions are made in recipient areas to match the natural growth pattern.

     The aftercare recommendation includes:

   – No scratching of the area

   -Avoid direct sunlight

   – No smoking and alcohol consumption

   -Avoid blood thinners like aspirin as they might slow down the recovery process

These days a number of people are opting for hybrid hair transplantation procedures as it is reliable and the end result mimics natural hair. One big advantage of the process is, if it’s completed successfully and adequate care is given to the transplanted hair they remain the same for several years. Candidates can obtain miraculous results from this treatment and convert their thin to thick, voluminous and lustrous hair.

So for anyone worried about baldness and self esteem as a result of that, searching for an effective remedy to put everything back in place, hybrid hair transplantation is definitely the answer, as it will give you beautiful glossy hairs that will boost your confidence and generally your life again!

Frequently Asked Question

Which technique is the best in Lahore Pakistan?

The purpose of all techniques is to treat baldness. However FUE technique emerged as most advance as maximum grafts area taken through it and least invasive with very less side effects. What is the best in your case, send us close up photos and our expert and professional specialist will help you. To send photos WhatsApp +923334309999