Side Effects Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation for the treatment of hair loss is the most popular technique that has given a new ray of hope to the victims of hair loss. As hair extensions and wigs are waving out the outlook of a person and they are now inclined towards getting their natural hair regrowth using the hair restoration in Lahore as well as Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta. There are some potential difficulties which one might keep in consideration while going for a surgical hair loss treatment.

Side effects hair transplant long term 

The selection of the surgeon who is going to operate the hair transplant surgery is very important. It is not an easy surgery and if a qualified surgeon is not chosen for this job then anything can go wrong. It is a big risk to get your procedure from unqualified person or hair technician and the choice of the hair restoration surgeon should be an extremely competent one. To get to know about his expertise and medical background is very necessary. As there is not one single technique for treating hair loss, thus it is very much important to know that the surgeon is not favoring or offering one kind of technique and has got the experience of performing different kinds of hair restoration procedures. The trust that you might be putting into the hands of the surgeon is very important to gain. A doctor who does not promise idealistic results should be selected for this purpose. He should be the one who will carefully assess the donor supply and balance it with the insistence of the person’s recipient site and balding.

Another pitfall is determining the right age for getting the surgery. The early baldness can be treated with medications rather than going for hair implantation surgery. The reason for this is that at the young age the pattern of losing the hair is so unpredictable that it makes the surgical procedure a complicated one. The expectations of the younger person are way too high then that of a matured one. A younger person might ask for the hairline and its density to be like that of a teenager, which is like very rare to accomplish.

Taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medicines, blood thinner, multivitamin supplements and antidepressants 14 days before undergoing the surgery should be avoided. There is a high risk of bleeding during the surgery if such drugs are taken by the candidate of the hair transplantation. The medical condition of the person along with the other psychological factors are also kept into consideration before undergoing the hair restoration surgery.

Minoxidil is also a medicine that is being used for the treatment for hair loss. This medicine should also be discontinued for at least 7 days before the surgery along with the intake of alcohol and smoking as they slow down the healing process. Applying styling gels or sprays and washing the hair should also be avoided before the surgery.

Men and women, both are very much concerned about their appearance and it also affects the self-esteem of a person. For the people undergoing the hair loss problem and planning to go for hair restoration must avoid the pitfall mentioned earlier for better results.

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