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Hair transplant DHA Lahore phase 1 patient who came to our clinic for consultation. He started hair fall a few years back and now there is thinning in the hairline area. He started his search from the internet with different keywords like ‘ best hair restoration clinic in Defence housing authority Lahore, best hair loss treatment , how to regrow hair naturally, permanent solution for baldness, how to control hair fall immediately. He came across our website where before & after results were displayed. After doing his online research, he selected two clinics. Initially he consulted another clinic and their doctor suggested him Hybrid or Combo technique where FUE as well as FUT techniques will be used simultaneously. Later on he consulted our clinic and we suggested to him, no need for combo or hybrid technique as you have enough donor area and less recipient or bald area. Therefore, he made his mind to go for stitches free and incision free technique called follicular unit extraction. 

Hair transplant DHA Lahore Phase 1 patient details 

Procedure date 21 Oct 2023
Patient Age26 years
PlanHairline transplant
Donor areaBack o head
Punch size0.8 mm
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Why do some clinics offer or perform a combination of FUT & FUE techniques?
The simple answer is lack of expertise in Fue technique as strip is an old technique and these clinics have expertise in FUT technique and customers asked for FUE technique. They do not have courage to say we do not have expertise or experience in follicular unit extraction technique so they start offering a combination of both techniques. This combination of both techniques is indicated where someone has male pattern baldness class 6 or 7 and less donor area. There are many clinics all over the world which give better results and exclusively perform stitches free and incision free technique. 

If you are searching for the best hair transplant in DHA Lahore then you must consult Dr. Amad Chaudry for an honest and professional opinion. He has more than 23 years experience treating male and female pattern baldness or hair loss. If any of your friends or relatives need baldness treatment and are searching for the best hair transplant in DHA Lahore then you may forward all the above information. 

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