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Chemical Peeling Lahore

Chemical peeling in Lahore for active acne and acne scars can give good results and helps in treating skin related problems. The treatment consists of chemical solutions that are applied on the skin. They remove the top layer of the skin through the peeling process. When the skin grows back, the texture of the skin is smoother. Strong chemical peeling give instant results while mild and moderate peels are needed to be used more than once to get the desired results. They can work alone or can be used with other cosmetic procedures in order to get the desired results. Chemical peels in active acne and acne scars, can also be used to treat wrinkles, scars and discolored skin. This process is mostly used on the facial skin. It can be performed at different depths of skin, from superficial to deeper layers, but the peelings used on deeper layers take more recovery time, though they give more dramatic results. With all types of peels, the new skin is more sensitive to sun. The results are not temporary and with more exposure to sun and dirt, more lines may form along with pigmentation. However, this process is used in order to get fine toned, smoother and well textured skin.

Why is the process of chemical peels in active acne and acne scars is performed? It is used in order to resurface the skin. Depending on the skin problems, one is reporting, different types of peelings are offered that can target different depths of skin layers. A light peelings, also known as superficial peel is used to treat the upper layer of the skin, epidermis. It is used to resolve the issues of wrinkles, fine lines, acne, dryness and uneven skin tone. It needs to be done every two to five weeks. A medium peel for active acne and acne scars can also resolve the issues of wrinkles and tone, but it not needed to be repeated often. It removes cells of the upper part of the middle layer of skin, which is called dermis, along with the epidermis. A deep chemical peeling is recommended to remove scars, wrinkles and precancerous growth on the skin. It is penetrated to even more deeper layers of the skin. There is no need to repeat the skin peeling procedure done with deep penetrating peelings. They can also tighten the skin reducing the sagging problem of skin.

Chemical peeling in Lahore

Chemical peels in active acne and acne scars can be performed by an experienced dermatologist. Before initiation of this process, dermatologists take a detailed history of the patient in which the medical features are discussed. If the patient is suffering from any other disease or taking other medications, or if he has undergone any other cosmetic procedure, is confirmed. The tone and thickness of the skin might change the results, so a physical examination of the targeted area of the skin is made. The patient should talk about the use of chemical peels in active acne and acne scars, the expectations and risks of the procedure. The doctor recommends certain medications before the procedure such as an antiviral to reduce the risk of infections, a retinoid cream to improve the healing process, a bleaching agent in order to get good results and unprotected exposure with the sun as it can cause pigmentation in the treated area. Certain procedures are to be avoided before the performing the treatment, such as hair removal techniques, depilaotors and electrolytes, hair dying, permanent hair straightening, use of facial mask and facial scrubs should be stopped one week before the procedure. Shaving the target area should not be done in 24 hours before the procedure.

The chemical peels for active acne and acne scars is usually performed in an outpatient surgical facility. The doctor covers your eyes with goggles. In case of light to moderate peels, there is no need of sedatives whereas in deep peels, a sedative is administered with a painkiller to numb the targeted area. The peel is applied using a brush, cotton ball, gauze or sponge. The patient might feel stinging when the peel is on the face. Neutralizing solutions are used to remove the peel from the skin. The patient might be given cold compresses and a hand held fan to cool the skin. Chemical peels for active acne and acne scars, the mild to moderate peels include salicylic acid, glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid. In case of deeper peels, carbolic acid is used. IV fluids are administered and heart rate is monitored. A deep peel is applied in portions to limit the exposure of skin with phenol. This procedure usually takes 90 minutes for completion. Avoid rubbing or scratching your skin after the peeling process. Use protective ointments and creams while going in the sun.

As with any other medical treatments, the chemical peels for active acne and acne scars come with some side effects. After the completion of treatment, the target area might appear red which resolves in a month.  Sometimes, the redness is associated with swelling and scabbing. Rarely, scarring is caused by medical peels on the lower areas of the face. Corticosteroids and antibiotics are prescribed to resolve this issue. Skin may suffer from hyper or hypopigmentation after the treatment. Hypopigmentation is the lightening of the skin tone and hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin tone. Hyperpigmentation occurs after mild to moderate peels and hypopigmentation is seen after deeper peels. They can sometimes be permanent. Chemical peels for active acne and scars can cause build of infections. Deep peelings can damage heart muscle and cause irregular beats. Phenol can also harm kidneys and liver. Not everyone can go for this treatment, especially pregnant women or people who have a family history of developing outgrowth of scar tissue called keloid. People who have frequent outbreaks of cold sores should not go for this treatment. If you are taking any oral medication for acne, you must stop using it 6 months before going for this process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is performing the best and imported chemical peeling in Lahore?

Our foreign qualified specialist is performing different kinds of peelings in Lahore.

What is the cost of chemical peeling in Lahore?

The average cost for peeling for different treatments is in the range of 4000 to 10,000 Pak Rupees.

Which clinic is the best for chemical peels in Lahore?

The Esthetique Medicare clinic is the best in Lahore where quality procedure is performed by an expert and specialist doctor.

How to book an appointment for the treatment in Lahore?

To book an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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