Melasma treatment Clinic Lahore

Melasma –pigmentation treatment clinic in Lahore has many latest Lasers to control and decrease this cosmetic problem. Melasma is a common condition seen in women during the years that they have children. It consists of tan brown patches, usually on the cheeks, forehead or sometimes on the arms and legs. In some cases, melasma patches turn grayish but that does not indicate any different reasons or results. It usually occurs between the ages of 20 years to 50 years. Although it is not common in men, in very rare cases it is observed in men as well. It is vital to learn the reasons that cause pigmentation to appear and to see what kinds of treatment provide an easy and permanent solution. In women, it is believed that hyperpigmentation occurs due to usage of contraceptive pills and more widely due to exposure of sunlight. During pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes that take place, and due to this there may be apparent changes in the skin. Many women experience chloasma during pregnancy, which fades away after childbirth. But it is also observed in people who have outdoor jobs or intermittent sun exposure. According to the number of cases recorded, it has been seen that pigmentation is most common in women of Asian and Latin descents. The incidences of blemishes occur in people who have a darker skin tone but the patch is dark enough to be visible on these complexions.

Melasma Prevention

Prevention of this condition includes protection from the sun. Use of a good sunscreen can lower the chances of hyperpigmentation. However, if a person suffers from melasma and needs to get rid of the marks, medical treatment must be obtained. As said earlier, the exact reason for this condition is unknown, however, the reasons mentioned above are most common while around 90 percent of the melasma cases have been with women. Anti seizure medications and other medications that make the skin more prone to pigmentation after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light cause pigmentation chances to increase.

Sun Damage Skin Treatment in Lahore

Clinical studies proved that sun damage cases are increased during the months of summer. This happens since the intensity of the sun increases and in the winter, the hyper pigmentation tends to be less visible or lighter. It is also called the mask of pregnancy or chloasma, if it occurs during pregnancy. The medical treatments available for pigmentation are the same as those available for other skin conditions such as moles or pigmentation. In the rare cases of melasma in men, the reason commonly found for this disorder is the inadequate method of growing a beard. Many times men shave intensely, exposing the skin to the sun and external harsh factors. If the facial hair is not taken care of properly, it may cause darkening of skin to occur. The waxing of facial hair is common among beauty conscious women, and if not done properly, it damages the skin and makes it vulnerable. It is necessary for people to identify the reason for uneven skin tone and then find a good brand of skin products to take care of their appearance. Medical treatments available for melasma may be the use of chemical peels or laser treatment in Lahore (Pakistan) as well as the rest of the world.

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