Surgical hair loss solution Lahore

Surgical hair loss solution


If you are searching for the best surgical hair loss solution in Lahore Pakistan, then you should go for a follicular unit extraction procedure. It is stitches free and no more incision required in this technique. Various factors can cause hair loss in both men and women and the treatment depends upon the cause of loss. One of the most common causes is genetics in both genders. Almost 95 percent of hair loss is due to hereditary factors and the rest is due to some mental and social factors like stress, unbalanced diet, permanent illness, long-term use of some medicines and drug intake, etc.

Hair loss can be both temporary and permanent, the temporary loss is the sudden shedding which usually lasts for a short time and it can be due to some sudden emotional disturbance or some medications while permanent loss which is commonly called male pattern and female pattern baldness which is genetic. Hair replacement procedures which include micro slit, punch grafting, and scalp reduction are effective ways of treating permanent loss. The condition of the patients’ hair and his will to opt for the treatment decides which is most effective for him. Some treatments which have been used for decades as a method for healing joint surgery can also be in some patients with baldness.  In this method platelets and plasma in the blood are separated by means of a centrifuge machine and then plasma is injected at points of baldness. Plasma insertion helps in regulating blood vessels, revive collagen production and increase the growth of cells.

Hair transplant procedures are used to treat baldness in men with male-pattern baldness, women with female-pattern (genetic) loss, and in patients with scalp injuries or burns. One of the widely used replacement methods is grafting also known as hair transplant. It is performed by a surgeon under the keen observation of a specialist team. Grafts can be micro which contains one to two hair per graft, slit graft consists of 4 to 10 hair and punch graft has 10 to 15 hair, and strip graft which contains up to 30 to 40 per graft. In this procedure, the patient is first provided with anesthesia with injection in the scalp and then the dermatologist takes the part of the scalp from the back of the head and divide it into fine small sections with every graft having a different proportion of hair so, they can create a natural look when planted into bald areas of the scalp. In each session, more than 1000-3000 grafts are transplanted and after the completion of every session, the skin will be cleaned and covered with gauze or bandage. After surgery patients can have swelling, discoloration, numbness, and insensitivity which normally go away in a few weeks. The scalp usually takes 2 to 4 months for healing and multiple sessions are suggested to attain satisfactory results.


The second most widely used method is scalp reduction in which the portion of the scalp devoid of hair is removed surgically and the left-over area is stretched to fill up the gap. It helps cover the back and top of the skull but enables it to cover the frontal line therefore it can be performed with grafting. A scalp reduction is the removal of non-bearing skin from the scalp in order that the remaining skin is stretched to fill within the bald space of the top part of the head. This method helps in covering almost half of the bald area. It is a procedure performed to cover bald areas on the top and back of the head and is not found to be favorable for the front line. In this procedure, a bald section of the scalp is removed and the area around it is smoothly stretched to match it up with the nearest patch, and then these patches are joined by stitches. The patient felt a little tightness of the scalp which will reduce with time.

Popular Surgical hair loss solutions in Lahore Pakistan 

Donor ellipse for FUT and punch technique for FUE are two ways of donor harvesting. In donor ellipse for FUT usually, a surgeon gently takes out a single strip of donor tissue from the scalp through a needle or blade to reduce transection of follicles to avoid a permanent scar. On the other hand, follicular unit extraction FUE is a modern technique that involves the extraction of individual follicular units by surgery from the donor site of the body and places them in the head where hair is absent. The bald areas of the head of the patient were restored by withdrawing grafts in vivo from the safe donor i.e., occipital area usually one fue graft at a time. It is less harmful and involves less pain and local anesthesia is given to the patients in whom this procedure is performed. FUE is better than FUT because the latter causes plugging and scarring.

It has been proved by results that surgical hair loss solution is a feasible way for treating hair loss or alopecia. Those who want to get this treatment in Lahore Pakistan may send close up photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

What is the best surgical hair loss solution in Lahore Pakistan?

The best remedy for baldness is follicular unit extraction procedure where hair will grow lifelong.

 What is the cost of surgical hair loss solution in Lahore Pakistan?

The average cost is in the range of 75000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee. 

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