Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered through surgical as well as medical procedures. Before undergoing any therapy , it is important to know the cause of hair loss. The most common cause among male is testosterone hormone. This hormone is present in all male however starting and appearance of baldness is determined by genes or inheritance. 

male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness treatment Lahore the best clinic 

All our hair undergoes a growth cycle which is split into three phases.

• Anagen phase

• Catagen phase

• Telogen phase

Hair grows noticeably in Anagen Phase thus; this phase is additionally known as Growth Phase. It lasts about two to eight years. Hair stops growing within the Catagen Phase, and this period lasts about 2 weeks. In the Telogen Phase, new follicles grow pushing out the present hair and eventually shedding them. It lasts about two to three months and therefore, the new hair again undergoes the Anagen phase, keeping the cycle continuous. In some people, this cycle get disturbs due to various factors including hormones, genetic tendency, unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional deficiency, stress, medication and far more which ends up in balding. It can affect both men and women. However, in men it’s called MPB or Androgenic Alopecia.

Cause of hair fall 

It is the most common form of hair loss and is concerned with genes, and male sex hormones called androgen. Enzyme 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) converts Testosterone (male androgen hormone) into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which limits your hair growth phase and makes thick hair follicles thin. This process is thought as Follicle Miniaturization. However, many other factors cause MPB too, but Follicle Miniaturization is the most common and major reason behind this Baldness. As there is such a large amount of reasons of hair loss, it’d be essential if you get aware of the cause of your hair loss before the treatment so, it might be easy to treat. There are 20% Caucasian men affected by MPB in their 20s and 50% men in their 50s. However, this number varies in different creeds like Asian, Africans and Indians etc.

Medical treatment options in Lahore 

The baldness condition can be treated in numerous ways. The foremost commonly prescribed medicine for treating hair loss is “Minoxidil”. It is accessible in gel, liquid, and in spray form additionally. It can cause few side effects in some patients which include burning of the scalp, dryness in the scalp, irritation in the eyes, etc. but you don’t must worry as these side effects are temporary. Patients may notice the shedding of hair within a month after using Minoxidil, but it’s normal and part of this treatment.


There is another medicine named “DHT blocker” which is required to be taken orally. It blocks the (DHT) Dihydrotestosterone and also levels the Follicle Miniaturization and ceases hair from getting further thin and make them thick. MPB or Androgenic Alopecia can now even be treated by few modern medical treatments. Let’s take a brief look at these treatment methods.


Low-level Laser Therapy ; a method during which a laser with less intensity is employed for hair growth. Red light from the laser penetrates the scalp. This light stimulates the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) causing the cells to repair, rejuvenate, and divide.

As we discussed earlier it is the genetic disorder and can be both from paternal also as maternal sides. Aside from case history, other factors which will cause MPB are :

 • Anemia

• Malnutrition

• Weight loss/gain

• Smoking

• Alcohol consumption and

• Stress etc.

So consider these factors and maintain your scalp health. And if you’re facing a baldness issue, I’ll suggest you get diagnosed without delaying it anymore. History and Clinical presentation is all it takes but in some cases, blood tests (particularly of iron, micronutrients thyroid, anemia etc.) could also be needed.

Androgenetic alopecia treatment Lahore

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clinic is offering male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

We are treating this common type of baldness through a variety of options. When all remedies fail and do not work then hair transplant surgery procedure is the ultimate and permanent solution at our clinic.

What is the cost of male pattern treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

The cost of the treatment depends upon the stage of baldness. Some patients have an early phase of hair loss while others have advanced stages of baldness. Mostly we charge on the basis of the number of grafts. 

Who is the top or best doctor for hair loss treatment in Lahore?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a specialist in hair loss and hair regrowth treatments and did his specialization from France. He is an expert hair doctor in Lahore Pakistan. To get an appointment for hair loss treatment you may call or WhatsApp.

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