Should I get hair transplant

Should I get a hair transplant

Should I get a hair transplant? This is a very common question these days among men and women. And the answer is yes. As we all know, the percentage of baldness in men is more than women. Women typically face hair thinning issues. And to combat these problems you can get through hair restoration surgery. Before going to any of the surgical procedures related to this problem you must know the processes. Girls typically don’t have a baldness issue so it may be possible that they don’t require this treatment and can be cured through a healthy diet and vitamins. But still if it continues then, consultation is highly recommended. Everyone wants gorgeous, thick, healthy, silky and bouncy hairs. But first of all you should recognize that either you are an ideal candidate for this purpose or not. And to know this here are some factors like age, type of alopecia, over all body health, hair type, and classification of hair loss. All these factors count a lot to select either this treatment is suitable for or not. You need to consult with the dermatologist as well. The dermatologist will tell you the severity of the condition, and what you should do.

Should I get a hair transplant? Yes, you should if you are above 25 then surely you can. But have you ever thought why not before 25? Before the age of 25, it is basically a premature hair loss because it may be possible with the increase in age, the pattern changes. This is the reason age seems to be a key factor. But if you fall in the criteria provided by the dermatologist then don’t wait and go for the surgery and make sure for the follow ups. Every type of surgery related to baldness, demands for follow ups, but number of turns may vary.

Should I get a hair transplant? Definitely you can, especially if you are from the media industry then it demands good looks and beautiful hair styles. But what if you are suffering with the similar problem as mentioned above then you should go for this procedure. Type of hair in every condition matters a lot. If you are suffering from pattern baldness then you are a prime candidate for this treatment. Pattern baldness is a genetic condition and it can be dealt with any of the procedures of the transplantation. For this purpose your donor site must have a healthy growth, so the surgeon can extract follicles from that place and implants on the desired area on the scalp.

Should I get a hair transplant? If you are facing the serious problem of tresses down then yes you should go for treatment. The most important thing that a doctor performs for this purpose is a blood test. Blood tests will indicate what is going on in your body that is causing baldness. If the results are too bad then your case will go in the favor of the treatment. Otherwise, you will be suggested a good healthy diet containing vitamins. If you are a person with severe baldness and lies in the criteria for the surgical treatment then you must know the type of baldness you are suffering from. If scarring alopecia means having bald patches on the scalp, then scalp biopsy is a mandatory procedure to be done even in all cases of scarring alopecia. Scalp biopsies make it easier for the surgeon to confirm the diagnosis of scarring alopecia. In any type or condition of alopecia, clinical history is very important. So make sure that the doctor who is dealing with your case must consider your clinical history.

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