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When you are suffering from devastating effects of baldness and you have a limited budget to get any treatment, the only thing you are looking for is hair surgery Pakistan cost. It is possible now if you choose the right place for your surgery. Medical tourism has made it possible to make your choice. Countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia or Greece are offering much cheaper hair restoration when you compare with USA or European countries. The prices are cheaper due to the prevailing economic conditions of these states; it does not mean there are no good surgeons. Rather Pakistani doctors are famous all over the world for their hard work and expertise in all medical fields. When you decided to get it done then definitely you could easily find cheap hair transplant surgery in Lahore-Pakistan from Cosmoderma Clinic. Next comes the decision that you want the treatment with which technique. There are various techniques used to implant hair. Most commonly done techniques are Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction. Both are done differently, with different advantages and methods which affect their cost. For example a surgery performed with FUT is cheaper than FUE. There are numerous reasons for that which is compared here for your convenience. The most demanding procedure is hair surgery Pakistan nowadays for female or male pattern baldness. 

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Both surgeries are started by cleaning the scalp and trimming of hairs. Then the local anesthesia is injected to make the procedure free of pain and discomfort. The FUT or Strip harvesting method is started by taking a strip of follicles from the donor area of the scalp which is normally the back of the head. On the other hand in FUE there is no incision given and only a single follicle is taken out with a special punching instrument. In the former the sign symptom of hair grafts are separated with micro blades and prepared to replant and inserted in the bald area. In the latter these are directly inserted in the bald patch again with a specially designed instrument. After completing the procedure the incision which is given in FUT is closed with stitches and there are no stitches required in the other. The head is bandaged and the patient is allowed to go home with some prescribed medicine to prevent infections and pain killers. The bandages are removed the following day. Now comes the healing and it is obvious that it is quick in follicular unit extraction because of no scar. In the strip method the wounds take a week to heal. The biggest advantage and flaw is that FUT is identified and FUE is undetectable, it is more aesthetically done. For instance if you choose Pakistan for surgery the cost of strip method is 30-40 RS per graft and fue would cost 60 RS per graft. These are the cheapest rates that are offered.

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Hair growth after the transplantation takes 3 months at least depending on an individual. However, it is still not the complete result that needs almost 9 to 12 months to show up. The implanted follicles have the tendency to grow all life. There could be little shedding which is temporary and they grow naturally. Already existing hair could fall though but they could always be transplanted later according to your need. Hair surgery Pakistan cost is determined by the number of grafts needed and our hair transplant clinic in Lahore charges 30 to 40 rupee per graft. To get an appointment call now +92-333-430- 99 99

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