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Hair loss in women is mostly associated with the thinning hair. There can be a lot of reasons for hair loss in women, many women lose hair during pregnancy. Certain medications can also cause hair loss in them.

In order to get hair loss treatment for women, there are certain medicines that are prescribed to women. In order to treat androgenetic alopecia, the women often find themselves in a difficult position. The reason is that certain medications work differently on different women and thus the doctors become a little hesitant in prescribing them. The companies that make drugs are making medicines to treat female pattern baldness

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Physicians are not interested in prescribing the systemic treatments as they can meddle with the body’s own androgen levels. To get to know whether the hair loss is due to an excess of androgen in the system or an over response to normal numbers of androgen. Topical treatments are often selected by the physicians, which are applied directly on the scalp.

The sooner the better should be the strategy followed in the treatment of hair loss. If the hair loss is treated in the beginning then the results are much better, as the extended androgenetic alopecia may damage many of the hair follicles. Anti-androgens which are used after extended hair loss can help prevent the future damage of the hair along with the regrowth of some hair from follicles that have been latent but are still feasible. If the androgens are not kept in check by stopping the treatment, then the hair will continue to fall. By maintaining the vitamins and mineral level in the body, the hair loss can be prevented.

There is only one treatment that has been approved by FDA for female pattern baldness, others have not yet been approved by FDA but are used as ‘off-label’ for the treatment of hair loss. Their effectiveness may vary from person to person, but many of the females have shown a positive response towards this treatment in terms of their hair and their self-confidence.

  • Rogaine or Minoxidil Treatment

This medicine Minoxidil was used for the treatment of high blood pressure in the form of tablets. Later it was observed that the medicine has a side effect that is the excessive growth of hair. Later the physicians figured out that by applying Minoxidil directly on the scalp could result in stimulating the hair growth in six months. The regrowth of the hair will continue only till the intake of the medicine.

  • Off-label medications

The off-label medications Spironolactone and Finasteride are the  prescribed antiandrogen medications to the postmenopausal women as they are not in their childbearing age. The reason for suggesting this to them is the fact that this medicine can cause birth defects. Almost 50% of the women are likely to see the regrowth in their hair.

  • The lasting path

Hair loss treatment for  women through hair transplant is also done, in which the hair is removed from one area of the scalp and are implanted on the area where the hair is thinning. Almost 40% of the female hair loss pattern has been diffused through surgery. To diagnose hair fall or hair thinning in females or want to get hair loss treatment for women in Lahore, call us and get free consultation.

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Which clinic is performing the best women hair loss treatment in Lahore?

Our clinic is the best in female hair thinning treatment in Lahore. We are also performing female hair transplant surgery in Lahore.

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The cost range starts from a few thousand to one hundred thousand rupees.

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