Female hair restoration Lahore

Female hair restoration Lahore

Female hair transplant is a more common practice as compared to that of opposite gender. Although the loss of hair is equally distributed and physiological, the loss of hairs triggers females the most. A lot of factors can result in loss of hair in females. As compared to men, women are much concerned about their physical appearance and their hairs are sacred to them, this is the reason why losing hairs affect them mentally. And if the loss of hair is stress related, the condition worsens when the falling hair induces more stress, the suffering one is entrapped in a cycle that is almost impossible to break without proper counseling and medical help. Loss of hair  in women is mostly caused by imbalance in hormones or stress. Many of the causes are the same as that of male pattern baldness, however hair thinning and alopecia is common. Undergoing restoration surgeries, either for cosmetic purposes or for medical issues can also lead to hair loss and thinning. Where male baldness can be treated easily with various hair regrowth procedures, this is not the case with women. The female transplant techniques are difficult to select based upon various requirements.

First of all, a candidate is checked against specific criteria to see whether she is fit for female hair transplant technique or not. The main difference between the hair loss in both the genders is that the hair loss in men is usually from one side of the hair, the frontline may regress; however, the remaining area usually shows normal growth and hence, contains all the properties required for the donor area. Whereas in females, the loss of hairs is throughout the scalp, thinning may occur and if so, depletion in overall hair volume results. The prime candidate for hair restoration is the woman who has undergone through thinning of hairs. In some cases, burns and injuries can also cause hair loss and hair restoration can be performed on such individuals to get a fuller scalp. The major issue is the availability of enough hairs at the back of the head which serves as a donor site. Before going through the procedure, the ladies are advised to consult a certified dermatologist and select a proper method after undergoing proper examination, discussing the factors that are leading to baldness and discussing the most suitable procedure employed for female hair transplant.

Among the primary causes that lead females to undergo surgical hair loss treatment include androgenetic alopecia that affects about 30 million women in America according to research performed by American Academy of dermatologist. In this condition, each time a hair follicle sheds, the follicle growing at its place is miniaturized. Other conditions that can lead to hair loss are childbirth, changes in ovulation cycle, nutritional deficiencies, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, medications and intense physical and emotional stress. Pregnancy, anemia, thyroid disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome can also lead to intense hair loss. Traction alopecia is another cause of hair loss which is the falling of hairs caused as a result of making too tight hairstyles such as cornrows and tight braids. Improper ways of handling hairs such as combing aggressively, using dirty brushes and roughly drying hairs with towel can also lead to hair loss, besides these, women are always in the front while going through processes to make their physical appearance more admirable; these processes often involve the use of dyes, flattening iron and blow drying which cause great damage to hairs. Female hair transplant can restore hair growth in most of these cases.

Two types of female transplant procedures are employed now a day, including Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. In the later one, a strip of hairs is harvested from a donor area that shows normal growth. The strip is then implanted in the area showing thinning of hairs . The opened area is sutured and the patient is advised certain precautions. Recovery requires some time, after which the scars disappear which increases hair growth. FUE involved the extraction of individual follicular units instead of strips of scalp. These follicles are then maintained at optimum conditions until they are harvested. Keeping the follicle alive is the most important step in this procedure. There are no scars and the recovery rate is faster. Both of these conditions can be employed depending upon various factors such as the patient’s hair condition, root cause of hair loss and other conditions such as the availability of service at the nearest area. The candidate is also checked to be ideal. The dermatologist credentials are also checked and research should be performed in order to discover the best and experienced dermatologist. Before selecting any procedure one should assure about the pros, cons, expenses and details about female hair transplant.

Female hair transplantation, sometimes associated with certain risk factors such as infections, crust formation or pus drainage at the surgical sites, scalp pain, itching and swelling. Inflammation of follicle hairs, which is also called folliculitis can also occur. Bleeding can also arise if the patient is taking blood thinning agents. Sometimes there is a loss of sensation at the surgical site. Consult your doctor if any of these effects are noticed. The total expense ranges from $4000 to $15000. Final cost depends upon the availability of surgeons in your area, the type of procedure chosen, experience of surgeon and extent of procedure. The post-surgical treatment cost is also added which include anti-inflammatory and wound healing medicines. As these procedures are often done for cosmetic purposes, that is why health insurances do not cover them. Talk to your doctor about the procedure. Understand that neither of the procedures guarantees to be successful and the risk factors can happen. A person might not be eligible for any of the procedures. The causes of female baldness are similar to male pattern baldness. The procedures employed are also similar but the availability of donor area makes them less eligible for these processes. Female hair transplantation must be done after considering this factor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clinic is the best for female hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan?

We are the best regarding female hair restoration in Lahore as we have an experienced, foreign qualified surgeon.

What is the cost range of female hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

The cost range is 90,000 to 150,000 Rs in a well reputed and qualified surgeon clinic.

How to get an appointment for female hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan?

To get an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999