Body hair transplant to head Pakistan

Now body hair transplant to head in Pakistan is successfully performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Many years before it was not possible to use body hairs for scalp. But due to continuous research and development in the field during recent times. Improvements in the field of medical sciences have paved the way for new advancements to attain the maximum out of everything. Hair transplantation is no stranger to such progression. It is a surgical technique that involves transfer of follicles to bald or commonly known as recipient site, from a site which donates follicles. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. New techniques for baldness treatment have significant improvements in the existing ones and paved the way for getting better treatment at an economical cost as compared to the costs a few years back. Body hair transplant to the head in Pakistan is the last hope to those who have advanced levels of baldness like Norwood class 6 and 7. Patients from all over the country and world get appointments for their procedures due to the expertise and skill of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. 


Body hair transplant to head in Pakistan indications

In normal standard procedures, grafts from the head area are generally used for transplantation purposes. However there are circumstances when the patient does not have enough hair on their heads needed to cover the bald area. In such cases it is possible to transplant body hairs to the bald head area. This is possible because body hairs are very similar to head hairs in structure and quality. These may be taken from areas like legs, arms,  chest, back, the armpits or even the face. Even beard hairs can be used. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is using body hair to head in Pakistan to local as well as international patients. Pakistan is one of the few fortunate countries in which many medical centers are providing the facility of hair transplant. It is highly regarded in Asia because it is home to highly skilled and trained  doctors. People around the globe and especially from Dubai, Australia, UK and USA come to Pakistan for hair restoration surgery. Some of the top doctors in Pakistan are highly educated from foreign universities and qualified to perform surgery in most of the world’s famous hair clinics. There are local doctors too who are also members of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery-ISHRS.

Best surgeon for body hair to head in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts an array of experienced surgeons who are at the forefront of the hair replacement surgery industry. They tackle the challenges of undertaking scientific research successfully and hence improve the services that they offer and their example is followed by many other centres in the world. Pakistan has fast gained a reputation as home to some of the most advanced hair replacement clinics and feels proud in offering the industry a leading solution to hair loss. Hair restoration clinics in Pakistan can be found in almost all major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Multan.

Body hair to head transplant cost in Pakistan

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan has dropped dramatically in the past few years. At the same time, the quality of the transplanted hair has increased significantly. These factors resulted in a boom in the hair restoration surgery. FUE extraction usually costs more than the traditional strip harvesting method. While lump sum amounts vary from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 300,000, the more common practice is to charge on per grafts basis. The cost per graft can go as low as Rs. 40 and as high as Rs. 130 depending on the number of grafts extracted.

Body hair transplant to head results in Pakistan 

A focal advantage of this technique is that it results in two accomplishments and treatment; the removal of body hair, as well as the transplantation of hair to the bald head. Hence, it saves time and money from the hassle of getting two different treatments for each purpose.

 Ideal candidate 

  1. Previous strip or FUT procedures and no more availability of donor area in the scalp.
  2. To correct previous scars in the donor area
  3. Poor results despite many procedures in the past
  4. Inadequate donor area in the scalp due to any reason.

Body hair transplant to head in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to developed countries. However its important to find an experienced surgeon who has proven successes in BHT otherwise you will lose your body donor area as well.

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