Hair transplant Sargodha patient

Hair transplant in Sargodha is offered by one or two clinics but as doctors are not expert and qualified in hair restoration specialty so many patients do not have good results and send us close up photos for repair or their baldness treatment. Hair loss is a common problem among male and female patients in this city. Many people seek advice from their physicians and skin specialists but when nothing works then patients send us photos through WhatsApp for expert advice. There are many treatment options for hair fall and baldness and after examining the scalp our specialist suggests the best option in each individual. The major reason for male pattern baldness is genetically and our clinic has been treating this condition successfully for the last 22 years.

Hair transplant Sargodha patient 

Procedure date12 Jan 2022
Patient age37 years
PlanTo cover frontal half of head
TechniqueF.U.E.- DHI
Donor areaBack & sides of head
Duration6 hours
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Advance baldness treatment before

Marking front area - Sargodha

Fue donor area marking before extraction

Fue hair restoration Sargodha patient

 Total grafts Total hairs  Single grafts Double  Triple grafts
 3346 6372 1085 1496 765

Hair transplant Sargodha patient

Why did hair restoration surgery in Sargodha not give good results?

There are very few qualified surgeons in this field and they prefer to establish clinics in the bigger cities. As a result, unqualified doctors or technicians start working in the small cities. As these doctors do not have skill and expertise therefore cannot produce excellent results.

What is hair transplant cost in Sargodha?

 The price in this city charged by unskilled and less qualified doctors is 40,000 to 75000 Pak Rupees.

How to contact a qualified & Certified surgeon?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a qualified and foreign trained surgeon in Lahore where people visit him for their FUE hair transplant procedure.  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has 22 years experience in this field and specialized from Paris, France. 

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