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Hair transplant Sharaqpur Sharif Sheikhupura patient got his hair loss treatment from our clinic where his frontal baldness procedure was performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Patient started his hair fall 4 years back and consulted a doctor in his native town. He used to apply some lotion to control hair fall but during these 4 years, despite continuous treatment, developed a visible baldness patch in the front area. This cosmetic problem has a psychological impact on his personality as most of the wedding proposals are rejected due to this baldness.  He felt some kind of depression and remained isolated from the family members. One of his family friends got his hair restoration surgery from our clinic and a patient visited and consulted him. His family friend showed him his before / during and 4th month photos and improvement.

Hair transplant Sharaqpur Sharif Sheikhupura patient came with his family friend who already took the treatment from our clinic. During his first consultation, our specialist examined his donor area, recipient area, performed hair analysis and some laboratory tests. After complete checkup, he was advised to get a surgical hair replacement procedure, due to the permanent nature of the results. Patient has some questions in mind which have been asked from our specialist.

Can we regrow hair without any surgical procedure?

As you already told, you have applied lotion and sprays for the last 4 years and did not get any positive results. It is not possible in your case to regrow hair without hair restoration surgery.

What is the best method for surgical technique?

There are two techniques called FUT & FUE. Follicular unit extraction technique does not have stitches and no more linear scar in the donor area. It is less painful while results are equally good as with strip surgery. Therefore, our surgeon suggested a follicular unit extraction technique.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Normally, you require 2500-3000 grafts (roots) for the front area and the cost is 50 Rs per graft if someone needs more than 2500 grafts. Patient agreed to the above explanation and cost and took his procedure date after depositing some advance amount.

Hair transplant Sharaqpur Sharif Sheikhupura patient details 

Procedure date17 March 2022
Patient age22 years
BaldnessNorwood class 3 pattern
PlanTo cover front area
TechniqueMicro FUE
Punch size0.8 mm
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Hair transplant Sharaqpur Sharif patient


Baldness area marking Sheikhupura patient

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