Dark circle under eyes treatment in lahore


Dark circles are a common problem which many people complain of, especially the aged. It is characterized as darkish-blue half-moons or bands under the eye. These circles under the eyes have a depressing effect on the overall look of a person’s face making him/her look sad, fatigued, and quite unattractive. That is why people want to get rid of them as effectively as possible. The physiological reason behind dark circles lies in the network of weakened blood capillaries under the eyes. The capillaries are bounded by skin that is comparatively very thin in these areas. Hence because of the fine bore of these capillaries, the red blood cells find it difficult to pass through them. The body employs its automatic mechanism to clear up the debris and blood that finds its way out from these capillaries. During this process, the dark circles appear under the eyes. The loose blood breaks down through an oxidation process called haemoglobin degradation that is the reason behind their characteristic colour.

It is not true that overexposure to television or computer screens, taking less sleep than required or depression are focal causes of dark circles. There is a whole range of reasons that can be significant causes of dark circles. These can be one or many with the most common ones being allergic to foods or dairy products, congestion in nasal areas, complications in organs like the kidney, insufficient cardiovascular functions, toxicity and aging. As this is a very minor problem, there are many recommended home remedies like cucumber, potato, almond oil, lemon juice, tomato juice, and turmeric powder to name a few. However, the most effective and permanent medical treatments are laser and light surgeries that can remove dark circles quickly and leave much healthier, longer lasting skin. A flashlight is used in this treatment, hence it is known as a light surgery. Those skin blood vessels and pigment which are under the eyes and hence the cause of the dark circles is the target here.. The color of the light used in Lahore is usually brown or red.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment is also a method which gives great results. It is applied to thicken the thin eyelid. These treatments thus remove the dark circles with wrinkles and any kind of pigmentation. It also stimulates the production of new collagen and can also readily remove wrinkles from the skin. Another technique is a type of plastic surgery, usually applied to individuals with eye bags and puffy eyes hence is also applicable for the removal of dark circles. This involves the conjunctiva, which is the lower area in the eyelids. A small sear is marked on the conjunctiva with the help of a light beam. This technique is successful for the removal of fat, which ultimately removes the dark circles.

This cosmetic condition is successfully being treated by many doctors in Lahore using two kinds of laser; Q switched Nd:Yag and Fractional laser. The decision for choosing the most viable treatment and choice of laser use depends upon the condition of the patient and the doctor’s preference. Most doctors recommend around 5-8 sessions for such laser treatments. However, the results are so clear that it is worth going through the whole procedure. Common searches:- Dark circle treatment in Lahore how to get rid of dark circles under eyes? Laser treatment of dark circles around eyes in Lahore.