• What is FUE hair transplant

    what is fue hair transplant

    What is FUE hair transplant technique and procedure for hair regrowth is a basic question that every hair loss doctor has to explain his patients during consultation. ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ works on a principle, in which hair follicles are extracted from the scalp having a good donor area and then placing those at recipient sites on the scalp through surgical grafting. This technique is becoming popular at a very fast pace because it yields more natural results unlike other hair transplant techniques. This treatment requires time. However, your skin type and sensitivity are the main contributing factor that somehow affects the length of healing duration. It is not really painful because only healthy hair follicles are extracted as in other techniques where strip of  skin is removed to fill the bald areas of the scalp. Required grafts are extracted from both sides of your head. This technique requires probably 8 to 9 months in order to see some natural appearance. If you require minimal coverage or maximum number of grafts on your bald scalp, then this is a suitable option for you.



    What is fue hair transplant advantage when we compare with strip hair restoration surgery. This FUE hair transplant is more beneficial and there are very convincing factors in order to validate our point. FUE treatment leaves no obvious mark or linear scar on your scalp. This process leaves microscopic marks that are not even visible. Additionally, it will suppress previous scars. Even after the transplant the patient can carry out his daily work quite effectively because no major surgical operation is involved in FUE . Surgical wounds heal in lesser time as compared to older techniques. In this method hair follicles can be extracted from any body part not just from the scalp and such process is called body hair transplant. This technique does not involve extraction of the whole strip so this is a linear scar free method.

    There is nothing in this man dominating world, nothing is flawless, so this FUE procedure also comes up with some limitations. Follicular Unit Extraction technique is more effective than Follicular Unit Transplantation technique. Unlike FUT transplant technique FUE method fails to yield desired alignment of the hair follicles. FUE methods require complete removal of hair from the donor area which may give thinning of donor area if bigger size punch used for extraction. Another problem is that FUE technique is very expensive depending on the number of grafts required for treatment. This FUE process is relatively long and it becomes tiring for the patient to bear this treatment. As extreme bald surfaces require a greater number of grafts that is a major limitation because the  specific number of grafts can be extracted in one day. However it can be performed second and third day as well to give maximum coverage of bald area in single session. One surgeon can treat only one patient in a day. This is also an important reason which makes this technique costly and effective as compared to other traditional methods.


    What is Fue hair transplant cost? FUE  technique is becoming very popular in Pakistan among people by seeking ways to deal with issues related to baldness. It provides a better option and alternative against old traditional hair restoration surgery techniques. Various advancements are going on in this FUE method making it more effective and automated technique. These developments will surely enhance the efficiency of this method. This technique is good for male and female hair loss treatment.

    what is fue Vs FUT difference
  • Fue Hair Transplantation Pakistan

    Fue hair transplantation Pakistan is a first phrase that comes into mind when someone would try to find some best hair restoration clinics in Pakistan. Follicular Unit Extraction is choice of every bald and hair loss patient in Pakistan. They want to get FUE procedure because it gives less scarring . A best  surgeon with experience in FUE procedure is needed to get a high quality surgery. FUE or follicular unit extraction is a new method of hair regrowth. This is the latest method that evolves and introduced in early 2000s. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted by the surgeon individually. A punch like instrument is used to create incisions around each follicle one by one. Later they are pulled out by the surgeon. Now a days new robotic devices are also in market to assist during FUE procedure. As this is a newer method of transplant, very few surgeons are there that are skilled in performing this treatment. When patients are coming to get hair loss treatment, they want to get it from the best hair surgeon. The main reason is that FUE technique is expensive than traditional strip surgical method. So patients want to have an accurate surgery at once. The best FUE surgeon should have years of experience in practicing procedure on his patients. He must have treated a number of patients with this method. He must be qualified from renowned educational institutes. He should have worked with big and recognized transplant clinics or hospitals in the past. The more a surgeon is experienced in FUE procedure, the more best results his patients can get in the end. Fue hair transplantation Pakistan is getting popularity, more and more clinics started performing it. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing Fue hair transplantation in Pakistan for the last 20 years successfully.

    Qualities of  Surgeon

    One quality of a FUE surgeon is that he must have experience in dealing with complicated FUE  surgeries. They can deal the problems with great care and attention. Another is that he gives minimum side-effects to patients in the end. In FUE treatments, there are many chances of graft failure than traditional method. A best FUE surgeon can eliminate these chances. He also helps the patients in overcoming temporary side-effects after his operation. He should also have given the pre operative precautions to his patients. Best FUE surgeons also have a good repute over the internet. There are many hair surgeons on internet claiming best in Pakistan but results speak louder than their claims. Fue hair transplantation Pakistan is being performed at Cosmoderma clinic for the last many years and only clinic in Lahore capable transplanting mega and Giga session of procedure.

    How to search best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan ?

    These days many online blogs, hair restoration and hair surgical forums are there. In these blogs or forums, patients have discussed and shared their experience of FUE surgery. They also have commented about the FUE surgeons who have performed their surgeries. They also have expressed their satisfaction level from the surgeon. On some forums, you can see the raking that which FUE surgeon is best in world, a country or a particular city. No one can give you best reviews or suggestion about a FUE surgery other than those who have got treatment from them in the past.

    If you want to select a best  surgeon for your fue hair transplant  in Pakistan, you should request a surgeon to show you pre and post photos of his treatments. These photos are an accurate source of viewing his results and performance. You can also check these photos on official website of a surgeon or transplant clinic. In addition, you should also check about the certification and participation of a surgeon in international hair restoration or surgical conferences. He should have contributed to the field of FUE transplant, if he wants to get the title of the best transplant surgeon. You need to ask about Best FUE  Surgeon and clinic  from some of your friends or family members who have gone through FUE hair transplantation in Pakistan somewhere in the past.

    Hair transplant in Pakistan

    Before procedure

    Fue procedure in Pakistan

    Intra operative Fue procedure by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry 2000 follicles