Fue 2245 grafts hair transplant before after photos Lahore

2245 grafts

2245 grafts | Fue hair transplant | frontal baldness | Lahore Pakistan 

2245 grafts fue hair transplant procedure was performed in Lahore Pakistan on 01 September 2021. The patient has right, left frontal corner baldness as well as thinning of the hairline and front area. After initial consultation it was estimated for 2000 grafts and the area was marked with blue surgical pencil. Our surgeon took input from the patients while designing the hairline keeping in mind the facial features of the patient. We gave the patient choices whether to go for the strip (FUT) or FUE technique. The patient selected for follicular unit extraction technique. Mr. G.A. got initial laboratory tests one day before the procedure. After getting laboratory results, the procedure was planned on 01 September 2021.

Mr. G.A. came to the clinic at 9.00 am for a procedure and our expert surgical team designed the hairline and marked the thinning area and shaved off the hair before follicular unit extraction. The procedure was performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Total 2245 grafts were extracted from the donor area and placed in the baldness or recipient area. The extraction took 1.30 hours and 2245 grafts placement took another 2 hours. The grafts placement was performed by a team of 4 expert nurses under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

Date of procedure 01 September 2021
Patient age 30 years
Baldness Frontal – Zones 1,2,3
Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Duration of procedure 4.5 hours

Grafts #  Single   Double   Triple   Total hairs  Technique
 2245  1059  1039  147  3578  F.U.E.

frontal hair loss

Shave and designing

Fue donor area

2245 grafts donor area one day later

2245 grafts fue hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Fue 2245 grafts hair transplant before after photos Lahore