Skin Specialist clinic Sialkot


Skin clinic in Sialkot
There are various skin related problems suffered by people of Sialkot. They visited every day various skin specialist clinics in Sialkot. Most of clinics deal with infectious Dermatology like
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Allergy
• skin infections
• Herpes Zoster
• Pimples & acne
• Melasma or pigmentation
• Sexually transmitted diseases

There are some procedures which are not being addressed in the skin clinics of Sialkot like pitted acne scars or depression in the skin after pimples. For such kind of problems people travel to Lahore for our skin clinic in Lahore where advanced levels of Fractional laser procedures are available. Our clinic has the latest lasers approved by FDA and do not give any harmful effects.

Many patients undergo Laser hair removal in Sialkot but their results are not according to expectation due to various reasons . The most important reason is substandard Chinese or Korean lasers for hair removal in Sialkot which do not give results. Rather wastage of time and money and depression even after treatment. What is the solution for unwanted hair removal in Sialkot? If you are tired of laser treatments in Sialkot , it does not mean your problem is not treatable rather your doctor or physician has chosen low quality lasers and such laser cannot give you a result.

pimples scar treatment Sialkot

Hair transplant clinic in Sialkot

There are few doctors who have started hair transplant in Sialkot but they do not have adequate facilities and producing bad results. Thus establishing bad repute in this field. We are getting every month patients for hair transplant from Sialkot and producing quality results. Our results can be compared to any hair transplant clinic in Pakistan and abroad. It is not possible you can get best quality hair restoration procedures by Board Certified surgeon as mostly best surgeons prefer to stay in big cities. Therefore we will advise you to choose best clinic in Lahore or other big cities for natural and full density result.