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Moles are common in our skin due to sun exposure , the most common cause in tropical countries like Pakistan. These are brown as well as black. One or two moles on the face or body are considered as beauty spots but too many cause cosmetic problems. Black moles can convert into melanoma-skin cancer however the percentage is very low. One should take seriously if its size, color and texture is changing. Moles and skin tags can be removed successfully with lasers at our skin clinic in Lahore.
Types of Treatments for moles Removal in Lahore
There are two types of treatments in Lahore to remove moles permanently. Cautery is the most common instrument ,available in almost every skin clinic in Lahore. There are certain disadvantages of cautry. It leaves black spot for a few months and there is always skin burning.
The Second most common treatment is Laser. There are different types of lasers like CO2 and Erbium Yag Laser. CO2 laser may cause pigmentation while Erbium Yag laser is very successful for Pakistani Skin. There is minimum down time and no pigmentation. So our recommendation and advice for you to choose an Erbium Yag laser for mole removal in Pakistan.
Mole Removal Cost in Lahore
Mole removal needs two to three sessions either by cautery or Laser. One treatment cost depends upon the number of moles. If moles are less than 5 in number, one session of cautry may cost you 5000 while one session of laser would be 6000-80000 Pak rupee.

Mole removal treatment Pakistan
Immediately after mole removal
Laser mole removal in Lahore
Mole on Right side of Nose -Before