Skin Specialist Clinic Lahore


Best skin clinic in Lahore

We are treating skin problems and diseases for the last 20 years at our skin clinic in Lahore. There are two kinds of skin problems 1- infectious Dermatology 2- Cosmetic Dermatology

Everyone has some  skin disease in his life like

  • Allergy
  • pimples
  • Irritation and scratching
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hair fall and hair loss
  • Nail fungus or problem
  • Burn mark
  • Pregnancy mark
  • Stretch marks
  • Birthmarks
  • Nevus and moles

Our Consultant or skin specialist in Lahore trained and qualified from Paris France and has more than 20 years experience. Patients visit him every day for their skin related problems and their solution. We have the latest state of the art lasers at our skin clinic in Lahore. All our lasers are approved by FDA, it means free from side effects and producing best results.

skin specialist clinic Lahore

  1. Alma Laser from USA
  2. Fractional laser from USA
  3. Nd:Yag and Q switched laser
  4. Cool Touch 3 laser for pimples and scars treatment
  5. laser hair removal

You can call us 0333-430-9999 and get appointment for check up and analysis and get unbiased and honest opinion whether related to skin diseases or pitted acne scars treatment.

We have introduced skin whitening and lightening treatments, injection and Mesotherapy at our skin specialist clinic in Lahore. Our skin specialist will give you all possible options to treat your aging problems like loose skin treatment, Botox and filler injection