Hair transplant Side Effect- shock Loss


What kind of hair transplant side effects should I expect?  My own hair will fall after hair restoration procedure?


Hair transplant is a safe procedure performed under local anesthesia. This procedure is performed to cure hair loss and baldness. There are very minor and temporary side effects after hair transplant surgery. These may include swelling, minor discomfort, bruising, irritation, numbness and local inflammation. Very rarely shock loss occur and it is also a temporary phase and hair regrow after 3-6 months period.  Medically hair loss after hair transplant or shock loss is called Telogen Effluvium and sometimes happened due to mega session of hair restoration surgery.  Non transplanted hair  may fall as these are in Telogen phase ( resting phase) due to large session.

Another side effect after hair restoration surgery is folliculitis  especially after 2-3 months. It is ingrown hair and usually this can be controlled with local application of Antibiotic lotion/cream and in moderate case , one course of oral antibiotics.

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