Anti-Aging treatment is mainly concentrated on making people beautiful by having an attractive and clear skin with help of laser technology. With a laser beam of light, your skin can get rid of pigmentation and vessels. It is a well-admired cosmetic procedure which makes your skin fresher and younger. It helps in decreasing the harsh effects of increasing age, sunlight and other skin problems. This treatment is very much valuable and useful. Cost incurred on this treatment is less than other skin treatments. It peels of the scratched and damaged outer layer of the skin and increases production of collagen. As a result, all flaws of skin totally disappeared in the end. This rejuvenation is needed by those people who have marks, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation on their skin. All such deficiency is overcome by this treatment. There are two common methods which are used for this treatment. One is “Co2 Laser,” which uses a high strength laser as compared to other methods. It is not used only for treatment of cancer, but it is also helpful in eliminating scars. Birthmarks and wrinkles on the face. You can have an even and soft skin after this treatment. Second, is “Erbium Laser,” which eradicates thin layers of outer skin through a beam of light. Lasers used in this method are less powerful as compared to Co2. This is suitable for those people who have dark skin complexion especially in Asia and Africa. It is ideal for those who want to remove very few wrinkles from their skin.

Anti-aging treatment is usually carried out in hospitals or clinics which have capacity to perform surgery. Before the actual process, local anesthesia is injected into the patient’s body. In rare conditions, general anesthesia is also given to patients. A well-informed surgeon can easily determine how lengthy will be the process and which type of anesthesia should be given. A beam of light is used to dissolve the outer layers of skin. When these older layers are eliminated from the face, patients will get smoother and new layers. This treatment usually lasts from thirty to forty five minutes. It can also take sixty minutes depending upon the size of damaged skin. Some risks are involved such as skin infection, permanent discoloration of the skin, or some permanent scar. But these risks are always associated with every method of laser treatment. Your surgeon can help you in overcoming temporary side-effects. There are some advantages as well. This treatment will stimulate the collagen level of your skin. Your skin will become much tighter and clear. Recovery time depends upon the size of the treated area of your skin. You may need several treatment sessions to get desired results.

If you want to enhance your complexion and to get a fresher skin, you should go for laser anti-aging treatment. But you need to find a good dermatologist in your area. Dial their free helpline or go for a free consultancy session prior your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clinic is offering the best Anti-aging treatments in Lahore?

Our Aesthetic Medicare clinic in Lahore is providing all anti aging treatments with modern lasers and devices in Lahore.

What is the cost of anti-aging treatments in Lahore?

The cost or price range for Anti aging treatments in Lahore is 6000 Rs to 10,000 Pak Rupees for one session. However some treatments cost more like Botox and fillers.

How to get an appointment for Free anti-aging consultation in Lahore?

To get an appointment and free check up you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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