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Laser treatments are offered to enhance beauty and improve quality of skin at our skin laser clinic in Lahore Pakistan. It is required by some cultures and religions that men and women must remove their body hair. Different methods are used from centuries by different culture to remove these hairs. In these days, when everyone is busy with life, it is much difficult to visit some saloon every month to remove body hair. People particularly women are looking for some permanent solution of this problem. There is no guarantee that any method can hundred percent remove your hair permanently but they can help in their permanent reduction. Waxing and threading claims to reduce production of body hair after a specific time but they are very much painful and time consuming. Permanent hair reduction through electrolysis is used since one hundred and thirty years in the United States. It is approved by Food and Drug Authority of the United States. In this method, those cells are permanently destroyed which are responsible for hair growth. Till now FDA only considered this method as a source of permanent hair removal. A very tiny metal piece is inserted into each hair follicle unit Electricity is delivered to follicles through that metal piece. As a result they got damaged due to heat. This treatment usually lasts from one year to four years.

Laser treatments for the face in Lahore

After introduction of laser hair removal method in 1990s, electrolysis faced heavy competition. It is getting acceptance by different medical and dermatological associations. It is now practiced in various clinics and hospitals all over the world. FDA of the United States approved this method in 1997 not unlike electrolysis they did not consider it as permanent hair removal method. Beam of laser light is penetrated into hair and destroys the hair follicular cells. You need to go through many regular sessions if you want to reduce your hair permanently. Minor side-effects are associated with this treatment. You may get itching, swelling and redness in laser treated area. In some cases, patients also suffer from scabs and infections. This method has long-lasting effects and widely used for laser hair removal in Pakistan Lahore. Another method of permanent hair reduction is known as intense pulse light. This method used precise wavelengths of laser light to damage the dark pigment of hair follicles. Wavelengths between five hundred to twelve hundred nm are used instead of one wavelength. According to some research, side-effects of this method are minimal as compared to performance. This method is ideal for those who have darker and medium skin complexion. The method described above help in hair reduction but they are much expensive. Some of these methods have adverse side-effects. Some can cause permanent damage to skin. You need to consult a professional and well educated surgeon for these treatments. But if this cost is compared to long term benefits of treatments, you will find them much beneficial. You will get rid of pain permanently. You will save your monthly cost spend on waxing, threading, epilators and other temporary hair removal methods. For FREE hair Removal consultation in Lahore ,please call us for appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an appointment for consultation from skin laser treatments clinic Lahore Pakistan?

To get an appointment is just one phone call away. You may get it through website/ telephone / whatsApp +92-333-430-9999

What is the cost range of skin laser treatments clinic Lahore Pakistan?

The price depends upon skin problems. There is No consultation or check fee so you can get FREE opinion from our specialist 


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