Hair transplant packages Lahore Pakistan

Hair transplant packages


There are several types of hair transplant packages in Pakistan that are widely available to the customers and those willing to avail them can easily opt for them. So at what stage where does one realize that he or she should definitely go for a hair restoration surgery? The signs are quite obvious:-

  • Hair Shedding Excessively
  • Patches of Baldness on Scalp

Now both these signs can be due to a number of reasons; i.e. Age factor, Genetic Factor, underlying illness or disease as well as excessive hair styling or use of unsuitable products that have now caused permanent damage to hair. Therefore, when one’s hair starts thinning out past the threshold level, one should definitely avail a hair transplant package.

Now hair transplant package in Pakistan usually varies on the type of treatment one is going for and also how much materials and methods are put in to restore the lost hair. The more the number of grafted follicles is transplanted, the more the package is extended as well as the payment. In this article I am just going to briefly give an overview of the packages available and what could their estimated cost be.

Determining the exact number of grafts required is not an easy task to be done as it requires a proper assessing procedure before and then it is decided how many grafts are needed as per that particular area of the scalp. The Norwood scale measures the extent of the baldness and the number of grafts that are likely to be planted in order to restore the hair on the scalp.

So basically if restoration has to be done for the centre part of the scalp then the number of grafts required is around 500 to 800. For the temples as well as the front, it would be around 2000 to 3000 grafts and if the crown is included in it the number of grafts is increased up to 6000 or more. But these are only a few that are mentioned here and really it just depends on the hair loss, the area to be covered as well as seeing the overall condition of the scalp.

So as to the question, whether 1500 grafts are required to fully cover or not the scalp, all of this is just hypothetical for the requirement of number will vary from person to person. However, it is strongly recommended that hair restoration surgeries should be carried out under the supervision of a well experienced doctor at a good facility. The major reason being behind the fact is that fewer are done with the expertise of a skilled person. The lesser the grafts required, the better this is in general because of the cost reduction as well as the patient won’t have to suffer from the unpleasantness of the post treatment symptoms.  But they should be sufficient to meet the demand of the patient and satisfy them.

As I mentioned before, the cost varies as per the number of grafts so here are a few price ranges to get the idea of the expenses. Usually about:

  • A small session is of about 500-1000 grafts and the payment is between the range of 40,000 to 50000 PKR
  • A medium session comprises 1000-1500 grafts and the cost of them is about 60,000-75000 PKR and
  • The largest session is of about 1500-3000 grafts and the payment varies from 12500 to 150,000 PKR

Whether they are enough or not depends on the output of the procedure once it has been fully carried out and the results have been awaited for.

Will hair transplants get cheaper in the nearby future?

The answer to this question is no because of the two basic reasons backing it up. This procedure is inclusive of the expertise of the surgeon as well as the whole hair grafting technique is quite expensive too.  The cosmetic surgeon charges the fee based on the number of grafts as well as the sessions done. Furthermore, this surgery falls under the category of being a cosmetic one and not a necessary one. After all, it is not vital to us in any way but is necessary when it comes to beautifying us and making our looks mean more.

On the other hand due to the advancement in the techniques as well the automation replacing the manual systems, hair transplant packages in Pakistan, are affordable now. The entire procedure becomes much easier as well as efficient but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the world might have the same quality of equipment that facilitates the process and lowers the cost. One thing that can be considered as an option is that the patients are free to choose and fly to places where they can afford the treatment and can find necessary discounts because the health insurance given by the companies never covers for a transplant.

So choosing a cheaper clinic or doctor to get the process done as well as having less number of follicles can be considered as a way of cost reduction. But that doesn’t mean that one should compromise on the quality. When you are going to pay it out of your own pocket then why not wait for the right time and get the best treatment?

What is a hair transplant package for 2000, 3000 and 4000 grafts in Pakistan?

The average price is 75000 PKR for 2000 grafts, for 3000 grafts cost will be 125,000 PKR and for 4000 grafts price would be 250,000 PKR.

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