Best doctor to treat baldness in Bahawalpur


The Best doctor to treat baldness in Bahawalpur does exist and offers services but the majority of patients contact us for second opinion and travel to get the procedure according to international standards. With increasingly divergent weather patterns and more exposure to UV rays, hair loss is becoming much more common and frequent. Genetic traits like pattern baldness definitely add to the concerns. It is because of these problems, doctors specializing in solving hair problems including plastic surgeons and dermatologists are much in demand. Bahawalpur is a city that has plenty to offer in this regard. Hair is an important part of the outlook of a person, a characteristic of their appearance. Hence hair loss adds many years to the apparent age of the individual, making them look older and much less attractive. This greatly diminishes an individual’s morale and self-esteem, having much deteriorating effects on their performance in everyday life. The Best doctor to treat baldness in Bahawalpur for male and female patients offers his services at an affordable range. However majority travel to Lahore to get this procedure performed by international fame surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

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Doctors in Bahawalpur offer many solutions to such problems. At the forefront of such solutions are surgical hair restoration techniques, in layman terms referred to as hair transplant. These include follicular hair replacement treatments, unit extraction, strip harvesting and many others. These are donor graft extraction techniques with strip harvesting being the most common one. FUE extraction is considered to be a technique which largely depends on the expertise of the operator. It also requires more time and not every patient can undergo the procedure. However, due to the availability of qualified surgeons in Lahore, it is a very popular option.


Doctors take into account many factors before reaching a decision regarding the treatment to be applied an individual’s case. These include gender, age, size of hair loss, pattern etc. The patient’s own choice and desire or particular affiliation is also respected as well as their budget. They even contemplate whether a treatment can provide you with some benefit or not at that time. If the answer is yes, then they will proceed to the next phase which is the choice between medication and/or surgery. If they decide on medication, they arrive at the medication which can most effectively help the patient. In case a surgery is required, they then decide on factors like coverage area, density and size of grafts. Hence, it takes a lot of thought and expertise into deciding on the most viable solution for a particular patient.

Best doctor to treat baldness in Bahawalpur charges 

The prices of hair loss treatment that are charged in Bahawalpur and in Pakistan generally are much less as compared to other developed countries. Patients from many parts of the world come here to get treatment because of its cost-effectiveness. In the United States, patients need to have thousands of dollars to get a surgical treatment. Costs of treatment here are nearly 60% cheaper than in developed countries like the United Kingdom. There are numerous websites and online forums where patients can read about the doctors, the treatments, and the costs of various procedures. This helps them in reaching a conclusion as to which doctor to approach for their surgery. The biggest plus is that despite the low costs, standards in Bahawalpur are still pretty high, and quality treatment is assured.

Baldness is a problem to which only experienced and qualified doctors have the answer. Luckily enough, Bahawalpur is home to many of these competent doctors who assure high standards in their procedures. Hence it is strongly advised that quacks and fake hair products should be avoided. Only refer to a good doctor who has the ability to efficiently solve all your hair problems.

How to get an appointment ?

To get free checkup from the best doctor to treat baldness in Bahawalpur you can send close up photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999