Vitiligo surgery treatment Lahore

Vitiligo surgery treatment Lahore


Vitiligo surgery treatment in Lahore, causes and options. It is an irregular pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes are destroyed. Resultantly, white patches appear on the skin in a way that the normal patches of skin appear too dark in front of them. The pigmentation is so strong that white patches appear even on the inside skin walls and the inner layer of the eyeball called retina as well. Even the hair that is on the affected area turns white. The cause is not known, but dermatologists and researchers have reached conclusions regarding this condition. It is an inherited disorder that is due to the inheritance of a group of three genes that make them vulnerable to depigmentation. It is most widely believed that the depigmentation occurs because it is an autoimmune disease which makes an individual’s immune system react against the body’s own tissues and organs. Human bodies produce certain proteins called cytokines that interfere with the pigment producing cells and kill them, if a person is suffering from vitiligo. The cases of this cosmetic problem are rare and around 0.5 to 1 percent of the world’s population suffer from this disorder. A large number of people suffering from it develop it at an early age or have it from birth. It is equally found in both genders and is more noticeable in people with dark skin. The patches of white depigmented appear prominent and the people suffering from vitiligo cannot be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This is because the protective pigment, melanin is absent from the depigmented patches, which causes severe skin burns and itching in case the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

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The doctor can diagnose this condition by a physical examination and since there is no particular way to cure it totally, treatments are formulated to reduce the white patches through exposure to Ultraviolet light or depigmentation of the unaffected areas so that all skin appears uniform. 

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Other than this skin grafting is also an option but it can only be used for a small area such as the face. It can cause big patches of depigmented patches and hence if one considers grafting all these areas, they would need a large amount of skin from the unpigmented area which cannot possibly be so large as to cover the whole depigmented area. Therefore people only opt for a specific area and usually people choose the face. Other than this, corticosteroid creams can be used to improve the appearance of skin severely affected. We have best available devices like lasers, surgical options for vitiligo treatment in Lahore Pakistan.

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