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Open pores treatment in Lahore

Open pores treatment in Lahore is carried out by our foreign qualified specialist doctor for the last 20 years. The skin has small circular openings that are useful in the secretion of sweat and are also helpful in the ‘breathing process of the skin’. These pores are very small and are not visible from a distance. However, in some cases the pores are visible from far and appear unpleasant to the eye. Hair follicles are also present under the pores and just adjacent to it are the sebaceous glands that cause sweating. Depending on the cleanliness of the follicle and the width of the hair strands, these pores can appear more open, or enlarged. According to some sources, the size of the pores is inherited and hence there is no particular reason for the cause of the size of pores. Preferably the size of the pores on the face depends on the thickness of the hair; however, this is due to genetic factors that are related to hair and skin development. With age as well, the size of the pores increases and hence they appear from afar. Thanks to cosmetic medicine, by simple procedures and treatments an individual can get rid of this problem. Many cosmetics are designed to reduce the size of the pores without causing any serious problem to the sweat-producing glands.

Open pores permanent solution through Laser

Laser treatment is an expensive technique but it presents the only permanent solution for enlarged pores. It helps in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores but in a majority of laser treatments, enlarged pores. Laser treatment for open pores in Lahore can be performed at private clinics and medical spas, since it does not involve the need of very advanced medical facilities. It works by pulsing light directly on to the skin in order to restructure. Another procedure that can help restructure the skin and hence remove enlarged pores is the use of microdermabrasion. This is an intense-exfoliation treatment. If any individual has persistent problems with open pores and an uneven skin texture, microdermabrasion will work on it and make it look smoother. A microdermabrasion kit may be used at home as well. However, every skin type is not acceptable for this procedure. If a patch-test is done for this product, individuals must use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Microdermabrasion has many applications, minimizing wrinkles and dry patches as much as open pores, so it is ideal for those with mature skin yet visibly enlarged pores. Usually enlarged pores are not a menace large enough to make people turn to medical treatments. At the same time, a lot of skin care products allow individuals to take care of this minor problem at home. Many home remedies and home-made masks can be used to reduce enlarged pores. The use of clay, cucumber and other such natural sources is popular to eradicate the issue of enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion and laser are options available to those who are faced with a serious issue. These treatments can be successful without causing any side effects or permanent damage to the sebaceous glands found adjacent to the pores inside the skin.

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