Nevus Ota treatment Lahore


Nevus of Ota treatment in Lahore

Nevus of Ota is also known as congenital melanosis bulbi, and it is a blue hyper pigmentation mark that appears on the face. Being reported for the first time in the 1930s, the nevus of ota is caused by the entrapment or closure of melanocytes in the upper layers of the skin. Like melasma, it is more common in people who have a darker or wheatish complexion. The birth marks or Mongolian spots, are also entrapment of pigment under the skin but it is distinct since it involves the first two branches of the trigeminal nerve. Women are more prone to have this as compared to men. The treatment available for nevus of ota in Lahore is Q Switched Nd:Yag Laser at our clinic. The Q-switched laser has been used to treat this condition and has shown good results. Apart from this, Hydroquinone preparations are also helpful in partially treating this defect. It must be kept in mind that laser treatment uses light energy that is converted to heat which in turn damages the targeted tissue that has caused whatever issue is being addressed. The nevus of ota may be formed by genetic composition since that can contribute to the kind of skin and the temperament of melanocytes present. But if it occurs due to some other reason which is unknown, it must be found out first. As with all kinds of medical conditions, it is necessary to treat the cause of the disorder before handling the nevus of ota. Once it has been clarified that the individual does not suffer from any other health issues, the laser treatment can be started. The Q-switched laser in Lahore and abroad has so far proved successful. This kind of device involves a technique by which a laser produces a pulsed output beam. This technique enables the production of light pulses with extremely high power and therefore a greater impact each time it is exposed to the skin. In comparison with other techniques, Q-switching leads to a much more powerful exposure repetitively and hence much higher pulse energies for longer duration.

Nevus of ota has been notorious for being a difficult mark to reduce or remove and this reputation is not false. It is a difficult process to totally remove the scar and that has not been done up till now. However, laser treatment is the only procedure that makes it possible to significantly reduce the mark and hence make the appearance much better looking. It can be of any size and many cases are seen where it occupies almost all of the cheek area and the side of the face. In such cases, the person bearing this kind of mark has to turn to medical assistance and laser being the only solution, it is necessary to understand that the mark will not disappear, however, it can be made much lighter so that it is possible to conceal it by using slight concealers on the skin. In Pakistan, cosmetic medicine has progressed and during the past decade it witnessed a robust growth in the number of people who chose various cosmetic procedures for aesthetic purposes.

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