Laser Hair Reduction Lahore


Hair removal treatments in Lahore are very popular these days and almost every individual wants to avail them especially women. Women are more victims of unwanted hairs on face as well as on different parts of the body which are extremely loathed and they want to get rid of them at any cost. They are willing to pay any price and for that they also undergo some very painful procedures. Waxing or threading also causes different kinds of allergies and they are not really hygienic procedures. Sometimes there are infections erupted in the hair roots and they result in hyperpigmentation of the skin which is even harder to deal with. Men are also taking interest in hair removal treatments they want to get rid of hair from their body like arms, chest, back or legs.

Lasers are very helpful in dealing with hair removal. There are different makes of lasers used in the market. Some of them are very well known and some are not even approved by FDA, they are extremely harmful and later on they can bring upon disastrous results. They cost you cheaper than branded or FDA approved lasers. It is very important to have full knowledge of the laser that you are undergoing for any treatment. The doctor who is performing the laser therapy also has to be laser specialized. A doctor with no knowledge of lasers can burn your skin or other problems. There are specialized laser surgeons of this field who know their work and they can bring out miraculous results.

Unwanted hairs are successfully removed with lasers on a permanent basis. It is important to know how a laser works to remove hairs. A certain wavelength of laser energy or beam is entered in the surface of the skin. It is adjusted according to the skin tone and sensitivity of the skin by keeping in mind the skin type. The laser beam burns the roots of the hair in multiple sessions. These roots are weakening every time. There could be 6 to 8 sessions required to completely remove hairs. Some people are more or quick responding to the treatment and they require less sessions. There are no side effects of the laser, there could be temporary swelling or redness of the skin is reported. Sometimes there could be pigmentation developed after but that is also temporary and resolves on it on. That’s why a good sun block is prescribed after the treatment to avoid that. It is necessary and it helps your skin from harmful rays of the sun because your skin has become sensitive after treatment. The procedure is painless and it takes a little time. There is only mild tingling sensation felt which is easily bearable. There is definitely no down time and one can carry on a normal work routine right after the sitting. There is normally an interval of 15 – 30 days in between the sessions. Once you get rid of undesired hairs, you can enjoy silky smooth skin forever.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clinic is the best for laser hair reduction in Lahore?

Aesthetic Medicare clinic is the best hair removal clinic in Lahore where an FDA approved Alma Laser machine is used to perform the procedure.

What is the cost of laser hair reduction in Lahore?

Cost & price of the procedure depends upon the area of the body. For example facial hair removal cost is 6000 to 8000 Rs per procedure.

How to get an appointment for laser hair removal in Lahore?

To get an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999