Fue hair transplant expectation


Fue hair transplant expectation should be realistic as one should understand it is a redistribution of follicles from donor area to recipient area. This procedure can’t multiply your existing hair. Follicular unit extraction procedure is performed by removing single follicles from donor area and implanting this on the recipient area. This will make the grafts in the new region look thicker. This new technique intended to replace the “exemplary” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) strategy. This technique is carried out by taking a whole bit of skin or scalp alongside the follicles and relocating the skin on the bald area. FUE has gotten more famous than FUT because it’s less inclined to prompt a “hair plug” look, where segments of skin don’t coordinate the encompassing regions. It likewise won’t leave an enormous scar-like FUT does. The best indication for this technique is somebody with diminishing or thinning up top that actually has enough hair close by to use for a transfer. You may not qualify for this if you have less or inadequate donor area grafts.

Fue hair transplant expectation should be realistic

Fue is a basic technique for the transplantation of the hairs. The F.U.E technique depends on the accompanying advances which we are portraying beneath. Before pursuing the strategy, it must notice these interrelated advances, so you need to follow them. Nothing can skip or supplanted.

  • Your specialist will shave down the hair in the region where follicles will be taken out as around the transferred territory.
  • Utilizing a miniature punch apparatus, they will extract follicles from your skin.
  • Your specialist will at that point make a progression of little cuts with a needle or other little, sharp blades where the removed follicles will be implanted.
  • They’ll implant the follicles into the entry points.
  • Your specialist will clean and swathe the region for recuperation.


FUE Hair Transplant is mostly performed on the scalp. They should likewise be possible somewhere else on your body where the hair is slender or missing. This method should be possible on your arms, legs, and even your genital territory.

Fue hair transplant expectation after one year


After the F.U.E hair Transplant procedure, the patient must need to know how long he will recoup. So it is obligatory to reply. It’s viewed as that after recuperation the patient is allowed to move any place he needs to. Be that as it may, yet is a recuperation time for the patient in which he needs to follow the accompanying safeguards.

  • The patient can’t wear any sort of pieces of clothing on his head, for example, any cap.
  • He can’t leave home for any sort of work.
  • The patient can’t work for about 72 hours.
  •  Can’t take swimming for one month.
  • The patient must stop the immediate connection of the daylight and head. 


Surgeon’s perspective

  • It needs less labor than FUT; One specialist with a couple of team members can operate it.
  • The system is less awful and careful experience isn’t fundamental.
  • Graft planning is insignificant.
  • Less hardware is required.

Patient’s perspective

  • Can wear short hair
  • Insignificant post-usable recuperation time
  • Infinitesimal scars in the giver zone are practically undetectable
  • No compelling reason to visit the specialist again for fasten expulsion
  • Can utilize body hair for included thickness with this method as it were
  • Can cover the prior scar of strip surgery procedure with this latest method.

Side effects

You won’t experience any scars from an FUE technique other than small white specks where follicles are taken out. These may blur after some time.

See your primary care physician on the off chance that you notice any of the accompanying uncommon results:

  • Disease side effects
  • Waste or hull where the medical procedure finished
  • Agony or growing around the medical procedure site
  • Follicle expanding (folliculitis)
  • Seeping from the medical procedure site
  • Deadness or shivering close to the medical procedure site
  • Relocated hair that doesn’t resemble the hair around it
  • Thinning up top or diminishing proceeds even after the transfer

Fue hair transplant cost

An FUE hair Transplant costs in Lahore Pakistan somewhere in the range of $1,000 and $15,00 per procedure. Various methods may cost up to $3,000 or more.

A definitive expense relies upon:

  • How much hair removed and relocated
  • The number of specialists is accessible in your general vicinity to do this strategy
  • How oftentimes your specialist can perform FUE hair transfers
  • How experienced or popular your specialist is.

You’ll need to pay for an FUE cash-based because most medical coverage plans don’t cover corrective techniques like this.

You’ll likewise need to cover physician recommended drugs for torment or other conceivable results that may result from the strategy.

You should factor in time off work for recuperation while thinking about the expense. This can mean 3 to 4 days at home. Most organizations don’t cover hair transfers under clinical leave arrangements.

What to expect?

Fue hair transplant expectations should not be too much high as it is a camouflage of the baldness. . You may make them swell or distress for around 3 days.

Here are some aftercare directions your primary care physician may give you:

  • Try not to wash your hair or shower for any event for 3 days.
  • Use delicate, unscented shampoos for half a month once you begin washing your hair.
  • Take a little vacation days’ work to help speed up recuperating.
  • Try not to search or brush your new hair for at any rate 3 weeks.
  • Try not to wear caps, beanies, or other attire that passes you by until your primary care physician says it’s OK.
  • Try not to do any arduous physical movement for at any rate seven days.

A few hairs may drop out during the recuperating cycle. This is typical. You’ll most likely begin to see a distinction following 3 to 4 months. Depending upon number of grafts extracted and transplanted in the recipient area , your hair may not develop back as thick true to form.


FUE is an exciting advancement that propels the field of surgery one step closer to the elite invasive status. The promise of an almost baldness surgery is enticing to both patient and the surgeon. The reasons for selecting this latest technology rather than a strip harvest may be the avoidance of a linear scar, the desire for a pain-free post-op period, or the idea of having an invasive procedure. Follicular unit extraction is an excellent alternative for the traditional FUT technique in selected cases. More research needed to render the procedure faster, cut short the surgery time, and improve the transaction rates so that it can adopt in a greater number of patients

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