Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Cosmetic Laser Treatments in Lahore Pakistan are performed due to various skin abnormalities. Laser technology is being used for numerous cosmetic treatments in Lahore, which include hair reduction, skin resurfacing for wrinkle reduction and treatment of acne scars and birthmarks. Other than these, pigmented blemishes, age spots, moles and freckles are also treated. The laser treatments for vascular lesions such as port wine stains and spider veins are also proved successful. The removal of tattoos has also been made possible through cosmetic laser treatment in Lahore. However, as with all treatments, it is essential to measure the potential risks and understand the benefits as well. Various medical devices have been formulated with the use of related technologies for use in cosmetic treatments. This includes different types of lasers and pulsed light along with radio-frequency energy. All these technologies work on the same principle. Lasers emit a beam of light or energy with a wavelength that targets a certain type of tissue in the part of the body that needs to go through treatment. When the beam of energy is targeted at the area, it is absorbed and changes into heat. This heat causes the cells in the targeted area to get destroyed. This way, the cells that have caused moles to appear or hair growth or skin pigmentation are destroyed by the heat of the laser without having a significant effect on the other cells that surround it.

For purposes of hair reduction, the laser is targeted at melanin, which is a colored pigment that lies under the skin and causes the hair follicle to burn out and hence hair growth to stop. Similarly, for wrinkle reduction and treatment of acne scars, the laser is targeted at the blemish and kept at a particular wavelength. It burns out the cells causing acne or scars and hence the surface appears clear.
The results of cosmetic laser treatment are similar to the skin-tightening effect caused by the conventional skin resurfacing procedures. In order to treat vascular lesions and spider veins, the laser beam is directed at the blood vessels using an appropriate wavelength. The vessel walls are injured and get absorbed by the body and therefore there is no danger in the existence of damaged blood vessel wall cells. There are a few factors that alter the effectiveness of cosmetic laser treatments in Lahore (Pakistan). These include the choice of an appropriate device while the most important factor remains the training and skill of the person who operates the device. The wavelength of the laser beam of energy that targets the tissue also holds importance since wrong wavelengths could damage the cells around the targeted area and cause severe burns. Apart from this, the power settings selected can alter the results a great deal. The duration for which the laser beam is focused on the targeted area and the gap given between each energy pulse alters the results significantly. Another factor that has an impact on the results achieved is the skin color of the laser treatment recipient. In very rare cases and if the technician is not experienced, grave results can be obtained such as burning of the skin and reddening, bruising or swelling of the skin. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry does not rely on technicians and performs personally every cosmetic laser treatment in Lahore Pakistan.

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