Black spots laser treatment Lahore

Black spots laser treatment Lahore – Clinic & Specialist Doctor

Dark spots or pigmented lesions can occur due to various reasons. There are many shapes and forms like brown spots, freckles and patches on skin. If you notice any new black or brown spots, contact us for checkup from our skin specialist in Lahore. At our Laser skin clinic in Lahore we offer variety of treatments like Er:YAG fractional laser , IPL , light therapy, mesotherapy and PRP treatment. You can get rid of black spots laser treatment Lahore clinic from our foreign qualified doctor.

Laser treatment for dark spots side effects

There are some risk and side effects from laser treatment. These are not really laser treatment for dark spots side effect rather we may say downtime. There might be temporary redness, mild burning, brown color and peeling of skin after laser session. Multiple sessions may be required at interval of 2 to 3 weeks.

Laser treatment for dark spots on Legs

Sometimes there is inflammation, eczema, pimples or pigmentation after scratching on legs. Laser treatment for dark spots on legs is available in Lahore from or foreign qualified doctor. There are two kinds of lasers which help to decrease black spots.

  1. Fractional laser can peel off or remove superficial layer of skin and after few days new skin formation which has less pigmentation.
  2. Q switched laser which decrease melanin or black pigments without removing superficial layer of skin.

Laser treatment for dark spots on face

Black or dark spots are common after pimples or acne. We have very effective laser treatment for dark spots on face. This treatment is approved by FDA so our laser is safe and gives you minimum discomfort.


Black or brown spots laser treatment by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore


After 3 sessions decrease in brown spots by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Dark spots laser treatment cost –Price in Lahore

Dark or black spots sometimes need 3 to 5 sessions at 10 to 15 days interval. Dark spots laser treatment cost-price in Lahore is charged between 3000 to 6000 Rs.

Laser therapy can cure face pigmentation totally

Laser is a treatment modality and specialist need to look and examine causes.  Many patients present after their pregnancy and delivery, Sun exposure or hormonal issue to our clinic for pigmentation treatment. Our skin specialist treats basic cause of pigmentation or melasma and then treatment with laser. If carefully selected then laser therapy can cure face pigmentation totally. However Sun block cream and some depigmentatory creams are necessary to apply at home to keep the level of melanin at minimal level.