Fraxel CO2 treatment cost in Pakistan

Fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing cost in Pakistan

Fraxel CO2 treatment cost in Pakistan-Fraxel laser treatment is, in simpler words, a fractional approach to laser resurfacing of the skin.  This treatment offers a unique way to recover sun damaged, discolored and scarred skin by providing patients quick results with minimal down-time. However, in serious cases, aggressive procedures may make patients slightly pink and swollen for several days. The distinction of this laser from other laser treatments is that this laser can be targeted at fractional parts of the skin, giving a more localized approach to skin treatment.Just as a damaged painting is delicately restored one small area at a time, or a photographic image is altered, pixel by pixel, fractionated resurfacing improves your appearance by directing the laser at specific points with thousands of microscopic laser dots. The first and still the highest regarded standard for resurfacing of the skin is the traditional CO2 laser. The advantage of this laser is it completely shadows the skin with thousands of laser contact sites, and while the shallow wrinkles are glazed off, it does produce a significant amount of heat which visibly tightens the skin as the treatment develops. This stimulates remodeling of the collagen tissue to give support to your skin and prevent further wrinkling and scarring.

Fraxel Laser Treatment in Pakistan

With the advent of the Fraxel lasers, technologists learned that you can achieve almost the same purpose without resulting in most of the prevalent risks. The first laser device constructed for this was the Fraxel re:store™. This is an erbium based laser that; unlike traditional CO2 lasers, which perform a thin, general ablation of the entire skin surface, produces thousands of small but relatively deep proliferation in your skin, known as microthermal treatment zones (MTZ). This treatment is an improvement on the old epidermal pigmented cells by invading deep into the dermis.The Fraxel re:store is best used for minor, petty, or shallow acne or scarring from chickenpox and abnormal pigmentation. It can also be used in a triple pass for wrinkling, particularly on the upper lip and/or around the mouth or below the eyes.The Fraxel collection of products includes three fractional lasers; two non-ablative treatments and one ablative treatment. These provide a compromise between efficiency, downtime and any discomfort experienced in the due process. Fraxel re:fine treatment offers a fractional, non-ablative treatment which delivers a mild yet effective option for skin rejuvenation. Fraxel re:store treatment has already been discussed above. Fraxel re:pair treatment is a fractional treatment CO2 laser which is an aggressive treatment for moderate to severe photo damage to the skin.

laser skin resurfacing cost in pakistan

For gentler treatments, a pretty lax time period is advised for such procedures. These include a total of three treatments, spaced a month apart, hence the treatment spans a period of at least three months. Aggressive treatments span over the same period but require a greater number of sessions, hence a higher cost. Fraxel treatments abroad usually cost around $800-$1000 each but the treatment costs vary in different patients according to their requirements as well as in various skin clinics.

skin laser treatment price in pakistan

In Pakistan, however, due to the presence of skilled doctors and well equipped clinics, the costs for a complete treatment are around Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000, which is quite affordable. It is always recommended to get a clear understanding of any costs prior to beginning treatments and to discuss payment plan options with the concerned clinic.

Fractional laser or pixel laser treatment is available in Lahore and performed by experienced Paris qualified and trained Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. What kind of skin problems or diseases fractional laser commonly treat? Pixel laser skin resurfacing is good for freckles removal, pigmentation, stretch marks treatment, open pores , skin tightening and fine lines treatment.

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