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Beard hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic. There are many reasons where men have less density on the beard and want to get facial hair restoration surgery. This surgery is the solution to most of the men’s worries, who are facing a said to be uncommon problem. But it is not uncommon anymore nor is its treatment. Growing a beard can be a hard task too, maybe because your genes are not supportive enough or due to any other unfortunate event.  Nevertheless, science has its own ways too. One can have his hopes up high. Majority of the beard implants are transplanted by the techniques, FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

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Beard hair transplant is a simple process in which hair from one part of the body is transplanted to your jaw line or the particular part where you want changes for your beard. It isn’t a very cheap process though, costing up to 150,000 Pak rupee or more. For partial transplants, the price can vary from 75000 to 90,000 Pak Rupees, depending upon the number of grafts required. In the FUT process, the surgeon simply takes follicles from the back of the head of the patient, where the hair is usually thick and can look more natural in color and texture. About 2000 transplanting follicles can be removed at a time for better coverage. The surgeon makes incisions on the area where the beard hair is to be transplanted to determine the correct path of growth from the start. Local anesthesia is a requirement during the process to avoid pain. The source follicles are then implanted in the determined area. The process here is said to be complete. It can take about eight hours and the recovery process can last for several weeks.

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Beard hair transplant procedure FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is said to be less painful as it requires the harvesting of a complete follicular unit all at once from the donor area. After the surgery of either of the procedures, one can expect the outcome in about two weeks to a month. The transplanted hair starts falling out after about 15 to 30 days which is a sign that the new follicles are on the way of their growth. Approximately after 90 days, the implanted follicles will complete their growth. Four months after surgery the new beard gains coverage and in about nine months, one can grow a full beard. The whole process might be long but is definitely worth it. The patient can visit the doctor from time to time to ensure proper growth of the follicles. FUE transplants are preferred due to the less painful and rather quick procedure. But the one to decide is the doctor himself. Also, FUE leaves less very few noticeable scars in the donor area while FUT leaves a longer one.

Beard hair transplant instructions involve a few things in the starting days after the surgery which are to avoid smoking, swimming, exposure to sunlight directly, using a hot tub, any sort of hard work that leads to sweating and lastly and most importantly, avoid rubbing or scratching the implanted area. You might be advised to even avoid washing your face for a few days. Also, the skin of the implanted area might feel itchy or sensitive, the best is to let it be and not rub or scratch the area. The side effects involve redness, swelling, tightness, numbness and temporary scabs. If one notices something unusual, they are advised to see their doctor immediately. However, the procedure is safe and a common treatment nowadays. Many young men face this issue and now trust this procedure too. The before and after results of the implants are a sight worthy of the pain and expense. Both FUT and FUE are the latest and most effective procedures available today and can guarantee a good outcome at our hair transplant clinic in Lahore.  

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