which doctor perform filler for scars in Pakistan?

Which doctor performs as filler for scars in Pakistan?

Stress, genetics, and a poor skin care routine can all lead to open scars which is not only a troublesome and unsightly condition, but one which can lead to further and complicated outbreaks of acne and spots. Often referred to as “strawberry nose,” open scar pores can occur on your face, chest, back, or upper arms. Every individual pore houses a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland which secretes sebum (the skins natural oil). Depending on the cleanliness of the follicle and the width of the hair strands, these pores can appear more open, or enlarged.

Laser Genesis is a laser treatment for facial skin that promises to treat fine-lines, redness, large pores, uneven skin texture, and mild scars without the pain, redness, irritation, and downtime caused by other ablative lasers. Laser Genesis works by creating intense heat in the skin, which in turn stimulates the growth of collagen and reduces the size of dilated capillaries. For many large pores the collagen growth would essentially build up the skin around the pores, “squeezing” them shut. Laser resurfacing with carbon dioxide laser gives very good results, either carbon dioxide ablative or fractional carbon dioxide.

There are also peels used as another agent against scars which are referred to as ‘chemical’ peels for a specific reason. This is because they contain chemicals like glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, “Jessners” solution, and phenol. These are the various agents which inflict different degrees of injury to the skin to initiate the healing process. A specific agent is used considering the degree of scars on the skin that need to be treated; deeper the pit, stronger the agent. These agents are also classified into two categories depending on the layer of skin they affect. These include superficial peels (glycolic acid) that produce injury only on the upper layer, the epidermis. These are suitable to treat acne and dyschromia. Deeper peels (phenol) affect the inner layer too so are viable to treat wrinkles and photoaging.

Chemical peel treatment is mostly used to fill scars because it is the most cheapest method of removal of acne scars. Laser treatment, although much effective with great results, cannot be necessarily be afforded by many people, despite its costs being much less in Pakistan than overseas. The results of these radiant peels are instant, but they require 4 to 6 treatments for optimum long term.Laser treatment is an expensive technique but it presents the only permanent solution for enlarged pores. It helps in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores in a majority of the treatments. Laser treatment for open pores in Pakistan can be performed at private clinics and medical spas, since it does not involve the need of very advanced medical facilities. It works by pulsing light directly on to the skin in order to restructure.

While there are numerous clinics in Pakistan which claim to be places where scar filling can be achieved without much expenditure and strain, it is quite difficult to find a professional and experienced doctor who is worth being trusted with the health of your skin. This is because of a relative abundance of quacks as well as inefficient doctors who can in numerous ways aggravate the problem rather than solve it. However, one doctor by the name of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a beacon amongst such profanities. It is very difficult to find a more qualified, professional and efficient doctor in Pakistan who treats your skin with care and has years of experience from Paris, France to assist him in solving all your skin problems, especially that of filling of scars.

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    Whitening and tightening uor treatment available you are your clinic Dr

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