Laser Hair Removal Clinic Pakistan


Laser hair removal clinics in Pakistan Lahore-People of both genders these days look for methods to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on their body. They seek ways which only remove hair temporarily and therefore have to be repeated. Discussed below, is the permanent hair remover therapy. Unwanted hair can lead to a darker complexion along with the lack of personal hygiene and appearance. Women as well as men seek ways to remove hair forever so that they do not have to repeatedly go to a salon to get hair removed. Similarly, it is hard to follow a hair removing regimen at home on a regular basis. This is where medical research and introduction of new methods steps in. A lot of work has been done to come up with a permanent hair remover. Laser therapy is the only solution to removing unwanted hair. The therapy is simple and can be done in the doctor’s clinic or a professional salon. It must be kept in mind that the technician or doctor chosen for this must be renowned and experienced to achieve the goal of hair-less skin. In cases of negligence on the technician’s or doctor’s part, the results can be poor and burns or marks are visible. The laser treatment is a permanent hair remover since it uses light energy to be focused on the skin from where the hair needs to be removed. The light energy burns out and destroys the hair follicle that produces the thin hair strand on the skin. Here we must add that thin hair means the unwanted hair which is thinner than the hair on the scalp. The laser treatment has proved successful in millions of people worldwide; however there is a minor percentage of people who react differently. This means that the results have been temporary and the hair follicle is not totally destroyed. The study of laser therapy treatment shows that a large part of the result quality is determined by the technician’s skill and expertise and therefore it is possible that the people who did not achieve total freedom from unwanted hair were actually not treated properly. The technician or doctor has to choose the right intensity of laser and the time period of exposure according to the individual’s skin type and hair type. Some people have a thicker layer of epidermis while some people have very fine hair. In such cases, the person conducting the treatment has to closely analyze or examine the skin and hair. Consequently, the decision of laser intensity and time is decided. In case a person with thinner epidermal layer is exposed to laser for a long period of time may suffer from burns and marks. The side effects of laser treatment are negligible. An individual can experience redness and sensitivity on the treated area but unlike the results, these side effects are temporary and subside in a short period of time. Permanent hair removal in Pakistan, or the laser therapy is very beneficial since it saves a lot of hassle for the individual. The whole procedure has no recovery period requirement and is a simple clinical method. This enables people to carry on with their lives as they desire. Before opting for the permanent hair removal in Lahore, a person must find a doctor or physician who has a good reputation for this treatment. Secondly, the clinical facility must be modernized in order to ensure that the laser machines used are technologically advanced. It is always better to consult a medical technician or doctor rather than a salon or beauty parlor because the technicians are properly trained to use the laser device.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best laser hair removal clinic in Pakistan?

Our laser clinic in Pakistan is using an Alma laser machine for permanent hair reduction. It is the most effective treatment for unwanted facial or body hair.

What is the cost or fee at laser hair removal clinics in Pakistan?

The cost depends upon the area of the body. For example facial hair reduction is 8000 Rs per treatment or session in Pakistan.

How to get an appointment from Laser hair removal clinic in Pakistan?

To get an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999