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Face hair removal


Excess body hair is a nightmare for many individuals particularly for females. The most demanding  method of hair removal is by laser as it gives the permanent reduction of hair. Laser acts on melanin pigment present in hair by sending a beam of light that eradicates hair follicles, thus unwanted hair reduction is achieved. Before starting the laser treatment, several questions arise in an individual’s mind. Most prevailing question that comes to mind ‘Is laser hair removal safe for the face?’ A person wanted to remove unwanted hairs especially from facial area is concerned about every aspect of treatment including its hazards and safety level. Its safety depends upon several factors mentioned below

Expertise of dermatologist: A good dermatologist will give desirable results. He must be proficient enough to satisfy the client’s all queries. An expert dermatologist puts his efforts to give best results to clients.

Skin and hair colour: Greater contrast between hair colour and skin tone gives good results i.e. coarse hair and light complexion work best for laser hence, making it safe for face.

Skin type: A person with sensitive skin type before embarking the laser treatment worries that ‘Is laser hair removal safe for face?’ If a person carefully follows the precautions before and after treatment, then there is no risk of any potential hazards. Avoiding exposure of sun, restricting tweezing of hair, plucking and waxing before laser treatment are the most important precautions to follow for taking this treatment. It is advisable to perform a skin patch test before starting a session, in order to note any adverse effects or for maintaining patient’s confidence.

Stage of hair cycle: The anagen phase is the stage of the hair cycle in which hair follicles are enriched with melanin so targeting hair follicles in this phase gives better results and hence ensures safety for its use for the face.

The most frequent question about lasers Is laser hair removal safe for the face? This question is common in not only  females to maintain their beauty standards, but also in males to maintain “neat image” trending nowadays, as men use lasers for facial hair reduction specifically for making new beard styles. The licensed therapist with FDA approved devices is a suitable combination chosen by a client regarding safety of lasers. If it is done by an untrained person who is not capable of holding the equipment then it can cause damage to skin thus breaching its safety for use. Proper application of laser with cooling device attached with it so that skin’s cooling is gained and any heat related side effects are prevented. Application of cooling gel during treatment and use of ice pack after treatment, is the best way to maintain safety of laser for face. Choosing physical parameters of laser that are suitable for that specific skin type is the best way to ensure its safety for the procedure.

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Thus concluding that “Is laser hair removal safe for face?” the answer to this question is Yes. It is a non invasive procedure. As it emits a beam of light that damages hair follicles so that hairs are removed. It involves multiple sessions for better outcomes. It normally gives no serious adverse effects and is the safest way of removing unwanted hairs but some common side effects are present that can be managed easily are redness, swelling, irritation and crusting. These associated symptoms gradually disappear on their own and a person can continue his daily routine after treatment. Some people are relating it as a source of cancer and other serious disorders, in support of this myth no evidence is present as laser emits only a minimum amount of radiation to remove facial hair so the dose of radiation is safe for skin. However Some people with sunburn, inflamed skin and pregnant women should avoid it as it is not suitable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is laser hair removal safe for face with Chinese machine in Lahore Pakistan?

No, there are many Chinese Lasers in Lahore Pakistan and these are non FDA approved lasers and cannot give good results rather your money and time will be wasted. Moreover these Chinese lasers will give many side effects like burning of the skin.

Is laser hair removal safe for face with Korean machine in Lahore Pakistan?

All Korean lasers are not FDA approved and many Non FDA approved lasers are available in Lahore Pakistan. These are cheap or low standard lasers and results of these lasers are not good. So be careful while selecting any clinic or doctor for facial hair reduction treatment in Lahore Pakistan.

What is the cost of permanent laser hair reduction with FDA approved machine in Lahore Pakistan?

The cost for FDA approved branded laser is in the range of  6000 Rs to 10,000 Rs per session in Lahore Pakistan.

How to contact the best laser specialist in Lahore?

You can call or WhatsApp to get an appointment +92-333-430-9999