hair regeneration

Hair regeneration

Do you know what hair regeneration is all about? Well as we define this term, it is basically a latest treatment that is performed against the worst condition of hair loss. This treatment makes the use of advanced regenerative cell-based wound-healing technology with which thinning can be reversed and will kick-start a new growth of fresh and healthy hair.

Hair regrowth treatment Lahore

What is Hair Regeneration all about?

This treatment is based on the following elements:

  • Extracellular matrix (ECM):It is made from ACell which is a wound-healing material used in the recruitment of adult regenerative cells for regenerating human tissue such as skin and muscle. During the time of treating the hair loss, ECM will stimulate the production of adult regenerative cells in the human body. This clinically appears to stimulate the growth of follicles which are affected by the genetic and a few other causes of baldness.
  • Vitamin D: It acts as the nutrient which plays a vital role to enhance the overall viability of follicles grown inside the tissue culture which was then later on implanted into test subjects.

Working Process of Hair Regeneration

As it gets strategically injected into your scalp, it appears to be a reactivate follicle that is not actually growing and hence improves the entire quality of existing hair. This treatment is so much effective for thinning to let them grow into a thicker texture and in a darker color. This entire combination will result in the improvement of scalp coverage.

Does Hair Regeneration Work?

Yes, it does! This treatment has so far appeared to be so effective for 99% of patients who have undergone this surgery. In just 2 hours, the whole treatment is completed and will stay to show effective results for the next 5 years or even more. Results will vary based on hair profiles as it is determined during consultation.

Plus, with the help of this treatment, patients have witnessed a certain thicker growth in their scalp after which they do not require the use of any additional hair transplant. This will completely depend upon the degree of hair loss that they have at the time of treatment.

How much does hair regeneration cost in Lahore Pakistan

This whole procedure is based on three treatments which are done at a time distance of 4–6 week period along with the maintenance treatments after every 4–6 months. Therefore, the price range will typically range between $1,500–$3,500 for the initial three treatments along with one injection at the cost of $400 or even more.

Hair regeneration treatment & transplants

This treatment has always remained to be an effective treatment for thickening where you won’t feel any additional use of hair transplants. But those patients who have undergone both the treatments at one time, feel that the success rate of regeneration treatment has been high as compared to hair transplant therapy. This is because:

  • Regeneration treatment improves the overall survival rate of the hair transplant grafts. This treatment will wound the healing components for improving the overall healing rate of the transplanted follicles. This will eventually increase the survival rate of the transplanted grafts.
  • Helps to give the thin strands a texture of thicker effects. This treatment has the capability in which it can reverse back progressive, future alopecia without showing any side effects.
  • Plus, it also improves the donor area healing. A combination of the wound-healing materials in the Hair Regeneration is best used for controlling the healing process of your donor area scar which is at the back of the head from the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) along with the follicular unit extraction (FUE).

What is the recovery time for hair regeneration?

When it is injected following the injury, then the doctor will recommend that you should let the affected area have some rest. Hence all such recommendations are related to the injury and less to the injections. Some of the people might even continue their daily activities following the injections.

The main purpose of injections is just to promote growth and health as you might not be viewing the actual difference soon after receiving the injections. But after some weeks or months, you will observe that new and healthy growth of the hair has started to grow on your scalp.

Even after the surgery, you have to give your scalp better care and maintenance so it won’t show any side effects or harmful results. Consult your surgeon regarding the daily care after the treatment is over.