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What to expect after PRP hair treatment

What to expect after PRP hair treatment. PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma. It is a kind of hair therapy which uses the platelets of one’s own blood to stimulate the hair growth where they are balding. It is the perfect solution for thin hairs and can help anyone to get rid of baldness and  make their hair more thick than before. This treatment is considered best for the people who are still having hair follicles and not good for the people who are dealing with the excessive hair loss or in which the hair follicles are not present.

Platelet rich plasma procedure step by step

Step 1 – Blood collection

 In this method, 20 to 30 ml of one’s blood is taken.

Step 2 – Centrifugation

The taken blood is then processed in a machine.

Step 3 – Platelet Separation

By processing, the platelets get separated from other blood cells.

Step 4 – Injected into the scalp

These platelets are then injected to one’s scalp , close to the hair roots.

Step 5 – Release of growth factors around hair roots

So , when these platelets come in contact with one’s skin , they release various growth factors present in alpha granules of platelets. These growth factors act on one’s hair roots making them thicker, stronger and longer.

What to expect after PRP hair treatment. The PRP hair loss treatment lasts about one hour and then the patients can return back to their normal work routine. It is one of the most useful therapies that has become a blessing for the people who are suffering from baldness and hair fall. It enables the regrowth and stimulation of hair effectively.

So , when a person having Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) or Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) undergoes a PRP hair treatment the following will happen

  • Reduction in hair loss
  • Increase in hair density

Scalp analysis can be done prior to Platelet rich plasma injections to make sure that the treatment will be safe and secure.

What’s in store after PRP hair treatment. It also acts by stimulation of the stem cells present around the hair root. PRP also improves the Anchorage of hair to skin by producing more extracellular matrices. It also causes neoangiogenesis that means it produces new blood vessels around one’s hair follicles.

What to expect after PRP hair treatment. In most of the hospitals and clinics , usually three sessions of PRP are recommended at an interval of one month with five percent of minoxidil lotion for six months and results are also assessed after the six months of first session. After assessing the results it will be seen that hair fall has reduced, hair density will also be increased, hair fibres will become stronger, individual hair will be more strengthened and quality of hair will also improve. By the end of six months , successful results will be seen in about fifty to sixty percent of the patients.

What to expect after PRP hair treatment. After the processes that have been discussed earlier, one can maintain the results by using PRP sessions done at an interval of six to twelve months. But if someone does not want to use PRP sessions then he can maintain his results by using five percent minoxidil lotion (Rogaine- which is an over the counter liquid) or Finasteride (Propecia- poll available for men only) tablets.

Right candidate for Platelet rich plasma

Both Male and female patients who are above the age of 18 can be benefitted from this treatment.

Side effects of PRP

After results of PRP hair treatment. Coming to the side effects of the procedure is by and large very safe procedure because it is done by using one’s own blood but there can be certain minor side effects for instance , Pain is the most common side effect that can happen during or after the PRP is done but vibrators or ice packs can be use to reduce the pain. Few patients develop bumps on the skin of their scalp after the procedure, these bumps usually resolve after one to two days. Then infections can also happen rarely but because normally skin is usually cleansed using spirit before the procedure infections do not happen very commonly.


What to expect after PRP hair treatment. PRP is a wonderful treatment to reduce and enrich the hair quality. It is effective in enhancing hair regrowth in stubborn parts. One should expect slow down of hair fall after the first procedure. However after few more procedures, one should expect complete control of hair fall and increase in hair diameter. The structure of hair is restored and the becomes noticeably different from the previous condition.