Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent


Is laser hair removal permanent? This question comes into the mind of every person who wants to look beautiful and is looking for a permanent solution to his or her unwanted hair. People usually remove their hair by plucking, shaving, or waxing their hair which can be quite a time consuming and sometimes painful. People go for laser treatment of unwanted hair of their body parts when they become usually satisfied and get the answer to their question; is laser hair removal permanent or not.

For getting a satisfactory answer to the question about permanent result; it’s better to know about different methods of hair removal.


It is good to remove hair from the legs and face, but it results in the hardening of hair.


It may be done for the removal of a few hairs like in the case of eyebrows or some unwanted hair on the face.

3-Hair Removal Creams

The chemicals contained in them may burn your skin and it is not that long-lasting.

4-Hot Waxing

Sometimes it may leave some hair still intact on the skin. It may also result in infection.

Laser Treatment Is Not Permanent But Long Lasting

The answer to the question; is laser hair removal permanent or not is that a lot depends upon the dermatologist about the better and long-lasting treatment of hair. But actually, the treatment only reduces the hair follicles where the treatment is being done. The hair may regrow after few years. But it may take many years before proper hair starts growing again.

Permanent laser hair removal lahore Pakistan

Factors of Hair Growth Or No Growth After Treatment

A dermatologist has to take into account many factors before deciding whether the hair would grow again or not.

1-As the laser treatment is done through radiation; the hair follicles go into a dormant position. They may regrow after some time. But the growth would be lighter and thinner.

2-Time Taken For The Treatment

Laser treatment is not that easy. A person who is interested in getting the right answer; is laser hair removal permanent may need many sessions to fully remove the unwanted hair from his body and to make it remain dormant for a longer period as compared to waxing or shaving.

But usually, a woman’s face may not be able to get rid of hair permanently due to the hormones factor. Persons having dark hair and fair skin have fewer chances of getting thick hair regrowth and the treatment will take less time.

3-Different Periods Of Hair Growth Phase

Hair has different phases of growth which consist of shedding, resting, and then growing of hair. If during the treatment the hair is in the resting phase; the surgeon may not be able to see them or the machine will miss them. Only after the regrowth of hair that the surgeon will be able to remove them.

Symptoms Of Laser Hair Removal

After the treatment, a person’s treated area may get red or he may feel itchiness on the part. The patient should avoid direct sunlight for a while after the treatment because the sunlight might create marks on the skin. The patient should not take a direct bath on the affected parts for up to forty-eight hours.

For Whom Laser Hair Treatment Is Best

Research proves that on darker skin the laser treatment works best. The wavelength of the laser also plays an important part in the treatment.

On Which, Parts Treatment can be Possible

Laser hair treatment can be possible on almost all of the body especially on the back, bikini areas ,upper shoulders, lips, chest, and neck. As compared to the whole body, which takes longer time, smaller areas like the upper part of the lips will take only an hour to complete the treatment

Cost Of Laser Treatment

The experience of the surgeon or the dermatologists has a lot to do with the cost. The chances of regrowth of hair or injury increases if an inexperienced person does your laser therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get permanent laser hair removal results in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes it is possible you can get permanent hair reduction as our clinic has FDA approved Alma laser technology which will give permanent results.

How can I get an appointment ?

You may call us where our staff will give you an appointment. To get an appointment you may call +92-333-430-9999