Hair Regrowth injections

Acell’s meristem is a non-surgical solution for hair transplantation and it is not a drug or pharmaceutical. We can say that it is a medical device i.e. used to reproduce or regrowth of the hair. Mostly it is used in constructive surgeries and in plastic surgeries. Basically, Acell is a type of biomatrix that helps in repairing damaged tissues. Patients who scare from the surgeries or can’t afford hair transplant surgery then ACell+ PRP injection are best for them. This injection therapy takes the time to develop hair growth but is also free from any side effects.

Overview of Acell + PRP injection therapy for hair growth:

In hair transplantation, Acell and PRP are combined with each other to inject into the scalp to make the hair regrowth possible. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Miniaturized follicles hair becomes larger and thicker due to Acell + PRP injection. Acell helps follicles progenitor cells to become activate. Follicles progenitor cells are also known as adult stem cells that are very important for the regrowth of hair. Whereas, PRP contains a factor of rapid growth that helps localized and angiogenesis cells to grow fast and healthy. The Acell + PRP injection therapy is beneficial for both men and women suffering from the problem of hair fall.

Treatment of hair regrowth through Acell+ PRP injection therapy:

Hair regrowth treatment through Acell+ PRP therapy hardly takes 90 minutes to complete. Let’s discuss what the method of Acell + PRP injection therapy is.

  1. First of all, the blood sample of the patient is required because it is especially needed to produce the PRP.
  2. Then, an anesthetic is provided to the patient, to make the operating area of the scalp numb.
  3. By combing the Acell and PRP is injected into the scalp of the patient’s head through a series of injection. It may be injected overall scalp or only in localized area such as beard or eyebrows.

Precaution that should be taken after the Acell + PRP therapy:


After the Acell + PRP therapy, the patient should avoid vigorous activities. The patient can wash his/her head normally after the therapy.

Recovery from Acell + PRP Therapy:


The recovery from the Acell + PRP therapy is completely uneventful. In this therapy, the pain is managed by using non-narcotic analgesic medication that includes medicines like Ibuprofen. After the Acell + PRP therapy, the occurrence of swelling on the forehead is normal for 2 to 3 days.

New hair growth after Acell + PRP therapy:

Once a person finished with the Acell + PRP therapy then he/she have to wait for at least 2 months for the growth of new hair normally but it may take more than 2 months also. Mostly in some patients, the results are shown after injected 2 to 3 times Acell + PRP injection. Therefore, you have to wait for new hair with patience.

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