• Hair transplant with the use of beard hair

    Hair transplant with the use of beard hair is advanced technology uses all over the world with all positive outcomes. Hair plays an integral part in the beauty of men and women as well. Beard hair assists in the procedure of hair transplant with high effectiveness. Beard hair serves as the best donor for curing alopecia including crown hair loss. Hair restoration surgeries are being carried out in western countries but in Asia, the implementation of this procedure is not common due to lack of research in this field.

    Research and methodology

     Genetic hair loss is the most common type of hair loss, especially in men. If we talk about the reasons of hair loss except for androgenic alopecia

    • Stress and anxiety
    • Unbalance diet

     But the most observable kind of hair thinning is heredity. The treatment of androgenic hair loss is of much importance. Hair transplant with the use of beard hair is undergoing various researches to check the effectiveness of the procedure. Researches are still going on here we are going to discuss research to solve the problem of hair loss in men with the help of beard hair and occipital hair as the donor. 

    Method of data collection

     For the hair transplant with the use of beard hair Data for the research, the purpose was conducted from the patients suffered from androgenic alopecia and ultimately gone through the hair restoration surgery to cure the problem effectively and naturally. The hair to be transplanted was taken from the beard and back of scalp and then hair was analyzed individually by treating them with different chemicals. 

    Research outcomes

    The analysis of hair was done before and after the implantation. Hairs were extracted along with the hair follicle unit for effective implantation. After the keen analysis of hair, it was seen there was no scaring or infection on the recipient site by using beard and occipital hair in conjugation. The patients were kept under observation for five days. A hair transplant with the use of beard hair proved an effective way to cure baldness. Then patients were examined after the nine months of the surgery. The Patients undergone restoration surgery under the observation of researchers was satisfied with the results obtained and experience following benefits.

    • during the whole procedure
    • No scaring at the recipient site
    • Quick healing
    • The natural growth of hair
    • No complications


     Hair transplant with the use of beard hair is a revolution in the field of hair restoration with satisfying results. This way of treatment is not used commonly in Asia but now it is practiced in Asian countries with satisfactory results. During the research, no potential side effects were observed that ensured the effectiveness and reliability of the procedure. Still, studies are being conducted to improve the procedure in Asia to treat the baldness in men through this advanced technology. The use of this innovative procedure in hair restoration surgery is very fruitful and is an excellent source to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic surgery. Fue hair transplant is a best technique which allows to extract any root or hair from any part of the body and transfer to scalp.

    Hair transplant with the use of beard hair
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    We are treating skin problems and diseases for the last 16 years at our skin clinic in Lahore. There are two kinds of skin problems 1- infectious Dermatology 2- Cosmetic Dermatology

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  • Mole Removal Skin Tags treatment Lahore Pakistan

    Moles are common in our skin due to sun exposure , the most common cause in tropical countries like Pakistan. These are brown as well as black. One or two moles on the face or body are considered as beauty spots but too many cause cosmetic problem. Black moles can convert into melanoma-skin cancer however percentage is very low. One should take seriously if its size,color and texture is changing. Moles and skin tags can be removed successfully with laser at our skin clinic in Lahore.
    Types of Treatments for moles Removal in Lahore
    There are two types of treatments in Lahore to remove moles permanently. Cautry is most common instruments ,available almost every skin clinic in Lahore. There are certain disadvantages of cautry. It leaves black spot for few months and there is always skin burning.
    Second most common treatment is Laser. There are different types of lasers like CO2 and Erbium Yag Laser. CO2 laser may cause pigmentation while Erbium Yag laser is very successful for Pakistani Skin. There is minimum down time and no pigmentation. So our recommendation and advice for you to choose Erbium Yag laser for mole removal in Pakistan.
    Mole Removal Cost in lahore
    Mole removal needs two to three session either by cautry or Laser. One treatment cost depends upon number of moles. If moles are less than 5 in number, one session of cautry may cost you 5000 while one session of laser would be 6000-80000 Pak rupee.

    Mole removal treatment Pakistan

    Immediately after mole removal

    Laser mole removal in Lahore

    Mole on Right side of Nose -Before

  • Is lactic acid chemical peel available in Pakistan

    Is lactic acid chemical peel available in Pakistan – the simple answer is to this query. Full strength Lactic acid peeling is used to treat superficial scarring with pigmentation. It is also used to treat melasma in Pakistani skin type. It should be performed every 15 days for three months. The result is visible after few lactic acid peels. Skin starts peel off after this chemical peel and new skin appears in few days. This new skin is fragile and shiny so protection from Sun exposure by applying Sun block cream is advised.
    Lactic acid chemical peel in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is being performed for the last 5 years with proven success stories.To Get an appointment you can call +92-333-430-99 99