• Skin Specialist Clinic Lahore

    Best skin clinic in Lahore

    We are treating skin problems and diseases for the last 16 years at our skin clinic in Lahore. There are two kinds of skin problems 1- infectious Dermatology 2- Cosmetic Dermatology

    Everyone has some  skin disease in his life like

    • Allergy
    • pimples
    • Irritation and scratching
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
    • Hair fall and hair loss
    • Nail fungus or problem
    • Burn mark
    • Pregnancy mark
    • Stretch marks
    • Birth marks
    • Nevus and moles

    Our Consultant or skin specialist in Lahore trained and qualified from Paris France and has more than 20 years experience. Patients visit him every day for their skin related problems and their solution. We have latest state of the art lasers at our skin clinic in Lahore. All our lasers are approved by FDA, it means free from side effects and producing best results.

    skin specialist clinic Lahore

    1. Alma Laser from USA
    2. Fractional laser from USA
    3. Nd:Yag and Q switched laser
    4. Cool Touch 3 laser for pimples and scars treatment
    5. laser hair removal

    You can call us 0333-430-9999 and get appointment for check up and analysis and get unbiased and honest opinion whether related to skin diseases or pitted acne scars treatment.

    We have introduced skin whitening and lightening treatments, injection and Mesotherapy at our skin specialist clinic in Lahore. Our skin specialist will give you all possible options to treat your aging problems like loose skin treatment, Botox and filler injection

  • Skin Specialist clinic Sialkot

    Skin clinic in Sialkot
    There are various skin related problems suffered by people of Sialkot. They visited every day various skin specialist clinics in Sialkot. Most of clinics deal with infectious Dermatology like
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Allergy
    • skin infections
    • Herpes Zoster
    • Pimples & acne
    • Melasma or pigmentation
    • Sexually transmitted diseases

    There are some procedures which are not being addressed in the skin clinics of Sialkot like pitted acne scars or depression in the skin after pimples. For such kind of problems people travel to Lahore for our skin clinic in Lahore where advance level of Fractional laser procedures are available. Our clinic has latest lasers approved by FDA and do not give any harmful effects.

    Many patients undergone Laser hair removal in Sialkot but their results are not according to expectation due to various reasons . The most important reason is substandard Chinese or Korean lasers for hair removal in Sialkot which do not give result. Rather wastage of time and money and depression even after treatment. What is solution for unwanted hair removal in Sialkot? If you are tired of with laser treatments in Sialkot , it does not mean your problem is not treatable rather your doctor or physician has choose low quality lasers and such laser cannot give you result.

    pimples scar treatment Sialkot

    Hair transplant clinic in Sialkot

    There are few doctors who have started hair transplant in Sialkot but they do not have adequate facilities and producing bad results. Thus establishing bad repute in this field. We are getting every month patients for hair transplant from Sialkot and producing quality results. Our results can be compared to any hair transplant clinic in Pakistan and abroad. It is not possible you can get best quality hair restoration procedures by Board Certified surgeon as mostly best surgeons prefer to stay in big cities. Therefore we will advise you to choose best clinic in Lahore or other big cities for natural and full density result.


  • Mole Removal Skin Tags treatment Lahore Pakistan

    Moles are common in our skin due to sun exposure , the most common cause in tropical countries like Pakistan. These are brown as well as black. One or two moles on the face or body are considered as beauty spots but too many cause cosmetic problem. Black moles can convert into melanoma-skin cancer however percentage is very low. One should take seriously if its size,color and texture is changing. Moles and skin tags can be removed successfully with laser at our skin clinic in Lahore.
    Types of Treatments for moles Removal in Lahore
    There are two types of treatments in Lahore to remove moles permanently. Cautry is most common instruments ,available almost every skin clinic in Lahore. There are certain disadvantages of cautry. It leaves black spot for few months and there is always skin burning.
    Second most common treatment is Laser. There are different types of lasers like CO2 and Erbium Yag Laser. CO2 laser may cause pigmentation while Erbium Yag laser is very successful for Pakistani Skin. There is minimum down time and no pigmentation. So our recommendation and advice for you to choose Erbium Yag laser for mole removal in Pakistan.
    Mole Removal Cost in lahore
    Mole removal needs two to three session either by cautry or Laser. One treatment cost depends upon number of moles. If moles are less than 5 in number, one session of cautry may cost you 5000 while one session of laser would be 6000-80000 Pak rupee.

    Mole removal treatment Pakistan

    Immediately after mole removal

    Laser mole removal in Lahore

    Mole on Right side of Nose -Before

  • Is lactic acid chemical peel available in Pakistan

    Is lactic acid chemical peel available in Pakistan – the simple answer is to this query. Full strength Lactic acid peeling is used to treat superficial scarring with pigmentation. It is also used to treat melasma in Pakistani skin type. It should be performed every 15 days for three months. The result is visible after few lactic acid peels. Skin starts peel off after this chemical peel and new skin appears in few days. This new skin is fragile and shiny so protection from Sun exposure by applying Sun block cream is advised.
    Lactic acid chemical peel in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is being performed for the last 5 years with proven success stories.To Get an appointment you can call +92-333-430-99 99

  • Face pores treatment laser surgery in Lahore

    Face Pores Treatment Laser Surgery In Lahore- Stress, genetics, and a poor skin care routine can all lead to open pores which is not only a troublesome and unsightly condition, but one which can lead to further and complicated outbreaks of acne and spots. Often referred to as “strawberry nose,” open pores can occur on your face, chest, back, or upper arms. Every individual pore houses a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland which secretes sebum (the skin’s natural oil). Depending on the cleanliness of the follicle and the width of the hair strands, these pores can appear more open, or enlarged.Laser Genesis is a laser treatment for facial skin that promises to treat fine-lines, redness, large pores, uneven skin texture, and mild scars without the pain, redness, irritation, and downtime caused by other ablative lasers. Laser Genesis works by creating intense heat in the skin, which in turn stimulates the growth of collagen and reduces the size of dilated capillaries. For many large pores the collagen growth would essentially build up the skin around the pores, “squeezing” them shut.Fractional Laser resurfacing with Erbium Yag Laser gives excellent result on Asian or Pakistani Skin type.Fractional CO2 laser gives hyper pigmentation on Pakistani skin type.

    Laser treatment is an expensive technique but it presents the only permanent solution for enlarged pores. It helps in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores in a majority of the treatments. Laser treatment for open pores in Lahore can be performed at private clinics and medical spas, since it does not involve the need of very advanced medical facilities. It works by pulsing light directly on to the skin in order to restructure.Laser Genesis will work best for those who have minor complaints with their skin, or those who are looking for a treatment with no downtime. It can be a great way to build collagen in younger skin to help avoid the signs of aging later in life. Those with major issues such as deep wrinkles, substantial scarring, or excessive redness may need more treatments to see improvement, or may wish to seek out an ablative laser treatment that requires healing time, but can offer more dramatic results.

    Laser surgery is not a time consuming procedure. Neither does it cause a real dent in your pockets. It requires just one session after every two weeks, allowing sufficient time for overcoming any slight post-surgery effects and getting mentally and physically prepared for the next session after two weeks. The whole procedure requires a total of four-five sessions so the complete treatment is administered within two-three months.The cost of laser surgery for face pores treatment is relatively cheap compared to other cosmetic skin procedures like hair transplants. An average of around Rs.5000 or more is charged per session, thus the total expenditure for five sessions will be in the range of Rs.25,000 to Rs.35,000. Such affordable dues for a treatment lasting three months and resulting in clear skin is certainly a bargain in this era of inflation and devaluation.

    Microdermabrasion and laser are options available to those who are faced with a serious issue of enlarged pores. These treatments can be successful without causing any side effects or permanent damage to the sebaceous glands found adjacent to the pores inside the skin. Due to widespread availibility of laser technology, such cosmetic dermatology treatments in Lahore are available at many skincare clinics and beauty centres.